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FS: Heresy I's, II's and III's - Fort Worth, TX - ALL Heresy Speakers have been SOLD


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I have been collecting stereo equipment for the last couple of years based on my plans to move to a larger house in 2014. A couple of weeks ago my wife and I decided to stay were we are so I am now clearing out a large inventory of items. Lets start with the various speakers I have collected and plan to sell:

1977 Heresy I's - 1 pair - Very Good Condition - Finish WO - light water stain on top - $265

1993 H II's - 1 pair - Good Condition - Finish BR but someone has added a clear finish - $350

1998 Heresy II's - set of 3 - Very Good Condition - Oak Clear - $500

2010 Heresy III's - 1 pair - Great Condition - Cherry - $600

Also, contemplating selling my 1989 Khorns finished in Oak Clear but these have been upgraded with the complete Volti Audio treatment (http://www.klipschupgrades.com/khornupgrades.shtml Example Upgrade Package #3) This consist of:

1. V-Trac horns/grill frame/Grill cloth;

2. BMS 4592ND-MID midrange drivers;

3. Beyma CP25 tweeters; VTK400 crossovers;

4. Complete wiring set;

5. Crites 1526C woofers.

I also have the complete set of original parts so they can be converted back to original if someone later wants to change back. As part of the upgrade kit for Volti Audio Greg Roberts made me replacement bass bin doors so I did not have to modify the original ones. - Price $4500, this is slightly higher than what the upgrade kit plus shipping cost). If interested I will provide pictures

Also, contemplating selling my 2 1958/1959 Klipsch Shorthorns. Not only will this sale include 2 working shorthorns but 2 complete sets of parts (woofer, midrange, tweeter and crossovers) to build 2 yourself. - Price $700 for everything. If interested I will provide pictures.

Pictures of the Heresy's to follow. The only ones that are easily shippable are the Heresy III's as they come with their original boxes. I am willing to meet someone within an hour of Fort Worth if they wanting to buy a set of speakers. Otherwise the packing/shipping cost will be the responsibility of the buyer.

Both the Heresy I's and Heresy III's come with their original paperwork.

If interested act quickly as I plan to post on Ebay next week the equipment that does not sell.

Tomorrow I will post a list of McIntosh and other Stereo equipment that I am putting of for sale.

Heresy I's PICs:


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All your speakers are beautiful. Those HIII's would look really nice in my family room with my cherry RF-63's/RC64, cherry Revel B15, and cherry SVS SB13 Plus. Man, if I had a local buyer for my minty OO Quartets right now, I think I would jump all over those HIII's.

Good luck with your sale,


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I don't have boxes to ship them in so I would need to purchase some boxes to ship them via Fedex or UPS or could take them to UPS Store and have them pack and ship them. Whichever way you would want to go the cost of packing and shipping would be yours. If that sounds good let me know.

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Please add me to the list of those interested in the 1977 H 1s. They might match well with my 1978 H 1s. Looking to make a 5.1 Heresy 1 and Klipsch RSW 15" sub system. I am in New Orleans.

Just as a FYI, some type of double boxing might be needed or else lots of packing material and a very strong single outer box to make them UPS proof. I have had some speakers and components shipped to me in the past and the corners seem to get bashed in unless reinforced.

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Tomorrow I will post a list of McIntosh and other Stereo equipment that I am putting of for sale.

Curious to see his McIntosh and other Stereo equipment after such great speakers pics and prices.

GLWS on all your gear!

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Hi Everyone, I planned to post pictures tonight on the first group of electronics that I will be putting up for sale but I'm not sure I will get the pictures taken and posted tonight however I will try. To give you an idea of what I will be posting (there will be at least one more group of equipment to follow after this one):

2 each McIntosh MC275 MK VI (current series) tube amplifier - $3,200 each - these were purchased from Audio Classics in January of this year and have their 15 month transferable warranty.

1 each McIntosh C2300 tube pre-amp - $4,000 - purchased from Magnolia Audio (authorized McIntosh dealer) in September last year.

1 each McIntosh MR88 AM/FM/XM HD Radio Tuner - $2,600 - Purchased from Magnolia Audio (authorized McIntosh dealer) in October last year.

1 each McIntosh MR7084 Tuner - $400

1 each McIntosh PS112 Woofer - $400

1 each Oppo BDP 95 - $650 - purchased from Crutchfield December 2011- has less than 25 hours of use on it.

The McIntosh MC275, C2300, MR88 and the Oppo BDP 95 have the original boxes which will make it easy to ship.

Pictures to follow, if you are interested in any of the above send me a message and I will post its pics first.

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