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1964 Cornwalls 4 sale $250 Central Arkansas *Keeping...No longer for sale*


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I am selling these Cornwalls I recently picked up. They will need 2 woofers, and one of the tweeters is not working. I was told the diaphragm needs to be replaced. Crites sells a pair of diaphragms for $35. He sells a pair of woofers for $230. I have the original jensen woofers that came with them if you want them. They are funtional but the cones are completely shot. If you have the time and money this could be a solid pair of speakers for you. The original grills were torn and I have removed them, all the old staples too. Crites sells grill cloth for $45. I also have started treating the finish and trying to clean it up because there are drink rings and stains on the tops. The sides look great and the tops are showing definite improvement since I started treating them. I also have the Pie emblems that go on them. They are worn and there isnt much gold coloring left on them. The insulation inside one of the speakers is in bad shape. I will get more pics other than the serial tags posted tonight, just wanted to get the ad up and those are the only pics I have at work. I would prefer not to ship these monsters. I live just outside Little Rock. Send a pm or reply if you have any interest. Thank you


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