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Dared tube amps question


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Great bang for the buck and very affordable way to dive into tubes without the hassle and expense of sourcing a nice vintage amplifier and having it serviced or servicing it yourself. But one has to realize with all this entry level off shore made gear you are getting exactly what you pay for.... It sounds decent but can never get you all the way there in tubes.....not even close.

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I really dont have a clue when it comes to tubes. I am going to be driving a pair of belle's and do not want to have my first experience with tubes to be half a__ed. What do you recommend, mind you I cant spend alot.

A few questions

1) What type of music will you be listening too?

2) How large is the room?

3) How loud do you think you would listen maximum. Like lower background, conversation level, mildly loud and blast concert levels?

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Just sent you a pm.

I like to here detail at low listining levels but when the family is out I tend to listen to things a little bit cranked up.

Room Size 12' x 16' with cathedral ceilings and open to kichen dining room.

Type of music everything...... I love well done music of most any genre.

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I use the Yaqin VK 2100 integrated which has tubes in the preamp section and SS in the rear. It definetly has a different sound than my other SS amps at moderate to louder volume. I like the sound and find the Yaqin amps a great buy. I may venture into a full tube amp from Yaqin base on looks, performance and price.

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