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For Sale: Oppo Bd-93 With Iso Support


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I don't think so. Otherwise people would never complained about losing that capability

Perhaps. But people still complain about the lacking functionality of certain Apple TV versions, as well as, say, PS3's, XBOX's and a myriad of other hack-*cough*-able devices. Sometimes those who complain are simply unaware of all of the options. Hence, the question ;)

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Basically, ISO support is important to people who downloasd an entire image of a DVD, CD, Bluray...etc. Then burn it onto another disc and play it. Somehow players can tell the difference between a real disc and one that was burned from an Image.

I do not need ISO support...and I've been watching maybe 1-2 blurays a month. So I might as well use my Ps3 to do that...

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