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Sancho Panza

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I believe Rhapsody no longer sells MP3 songs and is only a streaming service. You can download songs to your device(s) at 160 or stream at 320. They do have a great selection of music and you can choose the music yourself, which I really enjoy.

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Frank, downloaded the iPhone App, which allows streaming at higher Q & AirPlay to my Denon...

Or maybe not. What's better 44.1 kHz or 192 Mbps?

AirPlay is 44.1, AVR App 192...

44.1 is CD Standard, iIrc & 192 medium Q MP3...

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...in Blue.  :tongue:


Brian Wilson said he used to listen to Rhapsody in Blue when he was a kid, and it was actually the inspiration for the harmonies for which eventually the Beach Boys became famous.



Yeah, I know its thread drift, but the topic WAS Rhapsody, and with me being a drummer, I march to the beat of...ah, never mind.  :rolleyes:

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