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Nonprofit project - Poor man's hi-eff horn speaker


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Dave makes a very good point and at the very least finding a woofer that can cross higher is a good plan as it provides you with the ability to build a wider range of speaker systems such as very loud but cheap systems where you want the woofer to take on the heavy work to insure your compression driver will last. I think that quality here in all your projects is well worth the extra cost as it insures your designs last and they don't often require service. It was upon such quality that Tannoy, JBL and Altec built their reputations. Do it right do it once. Best regards Moray James.

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regarding the Karlson tube waveguide, a good start is to make one the size of Transylvania Power Company's "The Tube" - 1 inch diameter, ~5.3" long, a 0.125" starting gap at its throat and a half-ellipse pattern  - they are normally tilted up or down from horizontal as theres a mix of two directivites  - - I'm not sure what Faerber accomplishes with a long tube other than the ability to keep time and have the tube protrude through a round midhorn's wall.   It would take a few tubes and measuring to find out.   Paper could be used a proof of concept.


a wider baffle at the compression driver could offset some loss on the low end due to small dimensions invovled



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another issue itching mind mind is that non-Ti CDs sound smoother to my ear so I tend more toward polymers diaphragms. 


HF140 (Titanium) response:



HF 144 (Ketone polymer):



HF 146 (Ketone polymer):



the low end of all three drivers look like the same. HF144 seems more linear. HF140 have a little bit better top end but there is also a deep/hump around 15Khz. I don't see a point why wouldn't I use HF144 over HF140. any idea?




I really need comments about HF140 vs. HF144/HF146 as I'm about to finalize the list of my order.

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I just read this.


I was looking into a project using this driver. (on other forum) I got following reply from a user:







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Hate to reply on a old topic,


Like you stated in point 2 about the 15pr400: could be used down to f3 38hz in a ~190l ported cabinet. this speaker sure reminisces Bob's Style D Cornscala.

I want to try something like this.


Arash, would you happen to have a cabinet design like you stated that i can use ?

Or anyone else?

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