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  1. was a tv thing...had to be there (but if you were it was a fine comment).
  2. I found this bit entirely gobsmacking: "...Sitting closer to the speakers, imaging grows stronger and more precise. Maybe it's still not a highly detailed pin-point stereo soundstage, but what I hear more or less equates to the stereo that I experience listening to classical music live in a concert hall – basically, that's good enough." Wasn't the best hyper-anal PINPOINT IMAGING so he'll settle for what he hears in a concert... I just don't even know what to say anymore. Thanks for the link to the review.
  3. Yep Careful, you'll run out of things to mess-wtih. Congrats!
  4. I guess there's a CV "fan" site and I recall visiting once, but didn't join. Memory holds that it was active and had a bunch of data. FWIW. Personally, I still have some HED somethings somewhere in the basement along with some other weird collection of wildly-different well-beaten old speakers I keep to occasionally wire-up and recalibrate my head.
  5. I think there are phenolic-people and titanium-people and "ne'er the twain" (at least until you hear the other thing when it doesn't bother you). Preferences are one thing, but I've noticed (read: no hard data, just my observations) people with tinnitus (like me) seem to often lean non-Ti.
  6. My 2c is to think about the objective(s). Do the min necessary to facilitate Listening to them in case you or your voting spouse may rule unfavorably. That can swing the whole thing fast. If you've already decided to resurrect, sky is the limit and it becomes very personal. Want to make an heirloom for (and even with) offspring, different-choice, etc.
  7. Nah, I've encountered people who just don't even like storing stuff that size and when the time comes they don't even care. Deal with a few tire-kickers, no-shows, etc. and there's a tolerance for transaction-grief, you know? And most people have zero clue about CW. I experienced it right before I sold mine and had them in the garage--people just walk right by them and don't get it, even when you tell them. I was trying to help someone out by letting them sell mine and split it. After they missed the point, I put them on CL and sold 'em inside half an hour with plenty of backups in case it fell-through (but that was also in a large metro area). I've seen the dinged-up ones sit for a while in rural areas even when priced to move. "Hey <insert spouse> look what I just got for <$$$> !!!!" The reactions might vary some : )
  8. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting data. Loved the faux wall/no wall and the 18" khorn numbers. Here's a sweep of my 195X 15WK Georgian sitting on concrete with one wall brick and basicaly no-wall on the other side (in-room).
  9. Good to see that name posting again. Can't put my finger on it, but there's just something right about that speaker. Aesthetically, functionally, it's a snapshot of an ode to Function. And it's beautiful in its way (I understand that opinions vary). It stands tall now in 2022. It has survived. Seen 'em come and seen 'em go, and yet it persists. A fine and proper woofer exudes authenticity. It is very much a classic and will not be made that way ever again. We are all stewards and it shall outlast us all, with someone doting over it after we are gone.
  10. Welcome. Such has been done. You will need to model the prospective drivers and choose for yourself. If this isn't possible, suggest closely following someone else's project for predictable results. Everything depends on what your objective and the spirit of your project are. If you are going to the trouble of non-trivial woodwork (there are more parts in there than people think, and tolerances need to be tigher than people think) to achieve that form-factor (and you want it furniture-pretty), it'd be sensible to scratch-design your own best fit for the drivers you use. If you just want something cheap to be able to hear what real bass horns sound like, there are easier constructions (if large). High-efficiency AND bass is a commitment--there isn't much room to dip a toe in the water cheap. One either is ready to dive in, or not. If you are gung-ho to just use existing plans and make sawdust, search this forum a bit more for suitable driver substitutions and predicted results. And I've come to appreciate zombie-threads because at least they better serve as central references. This way, everyone only needs to find the maybe dozen similar threads and not pore over tens of them.
  11. All I know is this stuff is complicated and I'm not qualified on most of it. "Audio-people" experiencing tinnitus, however, has been fairly common in my interactions. I've become hyper-sensitive to 6.some kHz over the years. I also have had very mixed luck with titanium in transducers to the point where I don't even try them any more. I have no explanation and I know other people are completely fine with them. Absolutely first thing I'd do (because it's easiest) is run an extension cord to your Yamaha from a completely separate electrical run somewhere else as a test. That'd be more secondary in my exp, than the computer power riding down your audio cable. Even with ferrite beads on both ends of my computer audio cable and the destination unplugged, it radiates enough to mess with an FM tuner by proximity alone (and it's a really good computer power supply). Check also your audio cable routing--get it away from power and cross them at right angles. If those kinds of experiments get you anywhere, see if there's someone who can get a spectrum analyzer on your stuff. The world is full of RF, oscillation, trashy power, and radiating electronics. The directions are myriad so hard data is about mandatory to prevent blind flock-(trouble-) shooting. Just the word computer anywhere near audio has my bias hackles-up--I've just experienced so much grief from devices (and lighting) messing with audio that I can't even start. Good luck and please keep us posted.
  12. Welcome. Have you heard them before? If you've not done so, they may not be for everyone. If you're sure, go GET them There's a staggering amount of information here available if you search and people here have all sorts of configurations. Somewhere, people even refer to 3-channel recordings, etc. IMO, you'll be fine anywhere past half-way back from them or thereabouts. Not clear if you want 2-channel tube running on the 3, too, but PWK covered that, too. Whatever you want to do, it's quite likely somebody here documented it. FWIW (click corner arrow):
  13. In the interim, if you don't know about boundary/spatial loading, skim this. The easiest way to lose bass is to not use boundaries. https://www.trueaudio.com/st_spcs1.htm Just get 'em out away from corners and walls if you can.
  14. Thank you for the update, wasn't aware of that. Glad you have made incremental progress. Wow, they've been busy--threw in a virtual remote and EQ. Sounds very much like your patience is about to be rewarded.
  15. Thanks opus. Please tell Joe that this stuff takes time and some of the confusion will lift and Gil's capabilities can increase if he follows instructions for rehab/PT/therapy (or we're all gonna come after him and kick his butt!) The confusion is normal and people vary and memory is flat-out weird. It's a process.
  16. Thank you for the update opus. Glad there's some news, but this is a gut-punch. To the extent possible, "make" him do his PT--the more he does, the more he'll be able to do and the road will be gradual. It may add a touch of cheer to rig him up with a little Heritage table radio for him when possible. Our thoughts are with all of you.
  17. Wish I could help more, but it's not my place. Best I can do is get you a link to aid talking to them and wish you luck. It's a pretty cool product. https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024356652
  18. Just wanted to express gratitude to those left keeping this board running and to Klipsch for supporting it.
  19. Thank you for investigating and taking time to organize and post results. And, BTW, I didn't figure anything out--any credit is due our benefactor Mr. Broskie (who can make my head hurt at least twice with every entry he posts).
  20. https://www.freepatentsonline.com/10256776.pdf
  21. No offense intended, but have you submitted your issue to the mothership? Cleanly-formatted FAT32 usb, power cord Removed, insert stick, reconnect cord, wait for firmware stuff, solid LED light? Other firmware versions you tried? If I remember right, one guy did the exact same thing four times with the same usb stick and the fourth was the charm... I've had sticks/sockets like that on computers, too--where things have to be just right. Yes, I know that's crazy, just "been there" and trying to assist. And what sizes of usb drives have you tried? I know people succeeded with 8 GB or smaller, but not with the bigger ones...filesystem thing, maybe, at that level--but FAT32 clean-format smaller sticks.
  22. Hey I'm all for it. I also have to believe that such recognition may well be (a) meaningless or (b) fighting words to a fine and proper Engineer... It's the only real speaker in there fercryinoutloud.
  23. If it's the same animal, Broskie arrived at it being PP https://tubecad.com/2019/05/blog0466.htm
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