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For Sale: Klipsch RSW-15, Black, Excellent Condition, Chicago, Best Offer


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On 6/23/2016 at 10:37 AM, RockOn4Klipsch said:

The members of this forums usually treat each other like family, if a deal was had it is your prerogative to sell it for what ever you desire, however, in the past members keep deals in the family and pass it on.

I don't think I've ever seen and item resell on this particular forum for more than the original sale price.

Good luck with your sale.

That is getting harder to see because a lot of people remove the asking price when it sells. 

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Swl lol cool bro its all good.  


What my original intention was to sell it for any price to an established member but not below what i paid.


My concern with posting the low price i got it for was that someone else could buy it and resell it for an easy profit.


Believe it or not...not a single established member came in with a best offer.  Eventually a nice guy came along and we struck a deal including delivery.  


I consider swl a friend and owe him a dinner at some point when i get back up north to hear his newly calibrated earthquake tubas ☺  swl has the best trained ear for music i have ever heard, his music is simply exquisite and his entire setup including mods were done without measurement equipment.   and now that he has a minidsp and umik and can measure and further refine his setup im thinking it will be sublime.  If people could hear his modified klf30s how he has them in his room they would never want rf7s....that good.  



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I'll give them to you. I have to find them again first.[emoji16]

I've been cleaning house as far as all my interconnects, etc. What a mess. I'll look for them tomorrow.[emoji106]

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