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Another RSW 15 bites the dust


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Update - 

The SVS PB16-Ultra is in the house. Working well. Is it better than the RSW-15 - maybe. Definitely not inferior. The jury is still out on whether it is better (my wife thinks it is). I am still fine tuning settings.

To be realistic, I paid ~$1800 for the RSW-15 in 2003. Factor in an inflationary increase and deduct a Black Friday week incentive, arguably, the PB16-Ultra costs the same or less. All good there.


I have purchased a Behringer external amp and the necessary connectors and accessories to re-config the RSW-15 to an external amp. I will be working on this after Christmas. I am keen to see how the 2 play together...or do not. Experimentation and learning is half the fun - no?

Hmmmm - a lot of space a PB16-Ultra and a RSW-15 take up....


Thanks for the advice and opinions people. Happy Holidays.


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