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Aragon 8008BB amplifier,


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Hello everyone, I am going to be moving soon and have a lot of gear to sell. A simple matter of downsizing. I don't want to pack and haul all of this with me.

I will provide a comprehensive list very soon. All the equipment is in very good condition to mint. Some I can ship and some will need to be picked up. This is not a fire sale however I am pricing all equipment at reasonable prices. I will be taking a loss on some items.


I live 20 minutes from Pensacola FL & 20 from Mobile AL.

Feel free to call me @ ( 251 ) 213 - 1388    Dean


If you are interested in anything I have for sale please call me. I will be happy to talk, answer questions, negotiate, what ever. Tex ting and Emailing is not my choice of communication. Call it old school or whatever but a phone call is where I prefer to start.  


Rare and elite amplifier

these do not come around on the merry go round very often grab this one while you can!


Aragon 8008BB Dual Mono Two-Channel 

400W RMS Power Amplifier


I will rate this amp a 10 


Super clean and runs perfect


Price $1300.00     The amp weighs 67 pounds before packing. so it will push 80 plus pounds with packing. I have a lot of experience packing audio equipment. It will be packed as if I were sending it to myself. Shipping through Fed Ex is $98.00.  So if you want it shipped you are looking at $1400.00


The back side is as clean as the rest of the unit, I guarantee.

It is hooked up and I did not want to unhook for photos.

But its is beautiful

Detailed description

The 8008BB delivers all the power your AC line can provide. This places it in a very rare and elite group of amplifiers. It is capable of converting, to the most refined amplification, the entire 15 amps and 120 volts of your standard AC power line. Wattage specifications do not determine how well an amplifier can power and control a real loudspeaker. Unlike test loads used to measure amplifier power, loudspeakers vary in impedance and inductance. Since amplifiers need to have a power rating, we very conservatively rate the 8008BB at 200 watts of continuous power per channel. The notch carved into the top of the chassis ensures that the heat generated by all this power will be properly dissipated even if a shelf or another component is placed on top of the amplifier.


The 8008BB is actually two separate mono block amplifiers contained within a single chassis. Each monoblock powers its respective channel with an individual 1,100va toroidal transformer. The 8008BB has twice the rectification and twice the storage capacitance of the 8008ST. In other words, each monoblock contained within the chassis has as much rectification and capacitance as the 8008ST's entire power supply. Along with the larger power supply, the 8008BB has two different inputs-single-ended and balanced. Both of these inputs are fully discrete Class A. The matched output stage transistors are increased by 50%. These additional transistors assist in maintaining linearity during low impedance operation.




POWER OUPUT 8 200-watts by two-channels

POWER OUTPUT 4 400-watts by two-channels

THD 0.04%

S/N RATIO >110dB A Weighted


INPUT SENSITIVITY 120 mV for 1 watt output, 1.68V for full output

INPUT IMPEDANCE  44 kohms balanced, 22 kohms single-ended








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Just now, jjptkd said:

Do you have a price in mind? Do you have the original shipping box and are you willing to ship this? Thanks.

Sorry forgot the price,  $1300.00  I do not have original box.  The amp weighs 67 pounds before packing. so it will push 80 plus pounds with packing. I have a lot of experience packing audio equipment. It will be packed as if I were sending it to myself. Shipping through Fed Ex is $98.00. 

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Often called the "poor man's Krell", the Aragon 8008BB is in a class of it's own when it comes to price, build quality, power, detail, bass driving prowess, etc.  The BB is a beast with mil-spec components throughout.  Just a couple of "important" things to add.;)


Good luck with your sale.



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