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Business Insider on The One: “This is one of the best Bluetooth speakers I’ve ever heard”


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We just received an excellent review on BusinessInsider.com for our Heritage Wireless "The One" speaker. People are taking notice that this thing is the real deal. This product stands far above the competition in audio quality and design.


Check out the review: http://www.businessinsider.com/klipsch-the-one-bluetooth-speaker-review-2017-3



If you’ve been looking for a Bluetooth speaker that delivers room-filling sound, this is it.


If aesthetics and audio quality matter to you, your search for your next speaker might start and end here.


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S'pose this is good news as long as the critical performance holds true.  However this review is somewhat 'tarred' as the author admits that he receives revenue from the sales of this product from the source he recommends (Amazon).  Lord knows these types of speakers need help.  Last ones I heard left my ears hemorrhaging.

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Oscarsear, I'll bet you havn't tried this one.......   Aiwa Exos-9.


It's on the big side, but so is the sound. Thought I found a good bluetooth with Fugoo (substantially smaller and not a fair to compare), but the Awia's Exos 9 is idea for the office where a dedicated system are simply too big.

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