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Fastrac Horns/A-55G midranges in La Scala II's


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I just purchased new La Scala II's . I am a long time Klipsch fan and I have some experience with La Scala's. I thought that perhaps a new Crites CT120 tweeter might be a sonic upgrade for the stock tweeter. I already have these tweeters waiting to install. I also ordered Bob Crites new A-55G driver. I find the midrange too shouty and I'm hoping this new driver helps improve things. I had La Scala I's back in college for 2 weeks and returned them for Cornwall II's due to the LS's lack of deep bass and shouty midrange. I still have the Cornwalls. With the advent of subwoofers obviously the bass issues aren't a problem and I love the LS midbass. Anyway, I was thinking of swapping out my stock 401 horn for the wooden tractix Fastrac horn. I'm hoping it will also improve sound and by being much shorter than the stock horn I would not need to enlarge the hole in the back of the La Scala to accomadate the larger A-55G. Does anyone here have thoughts, ideas or experience with these modifications? I know I'm messing with PWK's sacred designs so I hope I don't get jumped on but I know what sounds right to me. I've always loved the design of the La Scala's and I'm committed to making this purchase work for me.


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I have the LS2's as well and replaced the K77's with CT120s.  Swapped them back and forth about 6 times over the last year until I got it right using the stock crossover.  The CT120 is a nice smooth clear tweeter but it runs hot above 8khz on the LS2 unless you attenuate it a bit.  I tried many methods to tamp it down but settled on strips of felt tape that cover about 50% of the CT120 horn throat and lens.  This makes the CT120 about 2db softer than the K77 from 6-8khz (the sibilance range) and then about 2db louder than the K77 above 8khz.  I like the sound.  Crisp without fatigue.


So far, I've left the midrange stock.  It can get shouty at loud volumes but I think this mostly due to the sound bouncing around my room rather than the squawker or K401 horn itself.  Let me know what you find with the A55-G.

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I don't know anything about the Lascala II. But on my Lascala 1 I changed to the fastrac midrange horn about 5 years ago and never looked back. I would assume the fastrac horn will fit right into a LS II but better check. In fact I liked it so much I went with the eliptrac in my KHorns and then the super eliptrac with a BMS 4592mid driver. It'll blow out of the room. The only way for me to go further is to a K402.

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1 hour ago, wdecho said:

I've said this many times and some on this forum and say "you cannot do that" but I just do say it. Throw some L-pads on the mids and tweeter and tailor the sound to your taste. Cheap and not hard to do and I can almost guarantee it will solve the shouty problem. If not, not much blood lost. 



Can you explain what an l pad is and how you install? Thanks!


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Some of the most beautiful sound reproduction I have ever experienced came from La Scala and Klipschorn with the drivers and horn designs you are wanting to replace..!!!

I have owned La Scala, Belle, Klipschorn for over 20 years and have owned Jubilee for going on 11 years now and I have had all of these in multiple rooms/setups and the quality of the room/setup can make or break the reproduction from any of them.


I will always assert that when these systems are operating properly and given good quality recordings they are capable of beautiful/accurate reproduction and very non-fatiguing reproduction as well..


This requires good room acoustics, system setup and good synergy with the equipment of the system.


I recommend attention to room acoustics if at all possible as well as introducing a quality equalizer into the system which becomes a tool to improve as well a minimize some of the compromises all reproduction systems(this includes the room as part of the system) have to a greater or lesser degree.


By the way if you are using subs with the La Scala  then you have some freedom with locating them with respect to the room boundaries and by placing them more out into the room and away from the walls and other interfering objects (like equipment/stands/televisions...etc)  and closer to the listening area then this can give you a better direct to indirect sound ratio and thus minimizing some of a rooms/setup negative acoustical qualities.  Even if you can't do this permanently I suggest it as a temporary experiment.


Hope you find the sound that makes you happy..!!!






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