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DIY Ode To Old School HAMS


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This is a long term project but soldering starts today. It will eventually be house in a custom wood cabinet and consist of 4 chassis's. Not my schematic or design I am just the build and solder monkey. A friend is feeding me parts and schematics. This is the power supply. I am scared to weigh it.


Timing circuit tubes on the left. Two 866 MV in the middle and two  russian 6d22s tubes on the right.

Chassis size is 17" x 15" x 6".




My favorite feature is the vintage matching westinghouse meters.




The flash makes it look worse than it is.. Dam flash. The cool military connectors will connect the different sections together safely. To be continued.......


Guess what triode this baby will run????












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3 hours ago, jwc said:

Well then......man-sized watts


Not sure we will have a good weight to watts ratio 8-)

The output section will be swappable for either three 211 per channel, one 304TL per channel, or one 450th... Hard to get past 304TL lol...  30-50wpc? maybe?





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