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Need info

Charles M

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The Klipsch Sub p-312 doesn’t have a ground .

i just can’t find the size of the plug on the cable 

to see if it is the right shape and size to fit the 

size and shape of the inlet of the Sub .

thanks but if you have any more info 

That would be great . 

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7 minutes ago, charles m said:

Ya I am looking to see a better picture on the cable . Haven’t found one yet .

Yea I found quite a few photos, but none showing the sub end. One pic looks like it would work, but another pic seems to show a rounded section on the sub end. That's a tough call, especially with a high priced cable like that.

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Noise ? I trying to get rid of noise from the Sub .

i believe I have a ground loop or the cable that Comes with the Sub is not that great even with the cost of the Sub.

so I want to try another power cord . 

I found a good deal.I believe! I would like to buy but once I buy it it’s no 

return ! 

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A different power cord won't fix a hum that is cause by a group loop. It is best to plug all the power cords of the electronic components of your audio system into a single source, multi-outlet power strip, even if that requires extension cords. If that is not possible, then install an isolator for your subwoofer, as mentioned in this linked thread.




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Can someone give me the name of the company that I saw a link to but did not write it down. They made 18 and 24 inch sub woofers and cost 2400 $ for the 18 inch woofers. I remember they advertised 90 pound magnets in each. Does anyone give me the name of the company? Thanks.

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I looked up Blue Jean cables and also Jensen 

They both look good . I know the Jensen is more in cost but I just might go for the Jensen 

I was going to order but will still shop around 

a bit more .




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