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Rehoming a Fisher 400 *WORKING*


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To start off, my wife and I are having a baby in the next couple of weeks, and I need something at home that will operate without any future headaches. That being said, this relic from days gone by needs to find a new home! I bought it locally (OKC) a few months ago and after some research, I've uncovered that I have a partially restored unit. Some coupling caps have been replaced along with a few more parts, the electrolytic capacitors are still original and need to be replaced. The output tubes still have some life left in them, and all of the preamp tubes work great. This amp has very minimal noise in it which was a high priority for me in the tube search. It sounds unbelievable. It hurts to let it go, but someone with a technician background would be able to enjoy this amp like I never could.


The wooden case is the only obvious quirk. An older gentleman owned this Fisher since its heyday and developed quite the attachment to it. At some point, it no longer fit inside of a furniture piece in his home so he routed the corners off of the back of the case in an effort to force the fit. I'm calling it a folk art piece. Its the back of the receiver so you don't ever see it regardless. Apart from that, the ink on the faceplate has worn off in some places and in its place, some tiny white labels sit in the on and off positions on the front, and on the inputs on the back. You can vaguely see these in the photo provided. 


I can furnish you with some more photos if you're interested. I'll let her go for $600 OBO. 


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I turned down an offer for 1,000 for my 500c but I don't know if it is helpful comparing different model sales.  If someone wants to "help" you  on your price they should send it in a PM.   I have felt like saying something many times concerning Garage Sale items but it is probably best to resist the urge.  I've certainly resisted the urge to say certain things when people try to low ball me. 


You might want to include more pictures.  Top views and where the cabinet alteration was down might be helpful.  

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Wesgillet, my sincere apologies as this isn't the way we typically welcome new members.  Also, congrats on the new baby!  I have 4 children myself.  Kids are incredible.


For those wishing to share your suggestions regarding pricing, please do so via PM, not in this thread.  It's up to the OP what he is wanting to get for the unit.  If you are not interested in the item for sale, please move along. 


Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.  :D



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