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Help! Horn tweeter on my CF3 v.1 crackles!


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I found a pair of CF3s, version 1 on shopgoodwill.com. When I hooked them up I found that one of the tweeters crackles at any dB level. I pulled the horn out and detached the driver but couldn’t tell anything from looking at it. The diaphragm looked good and I couldn’t see any damage to the cone, though it is really hard to see anything. Any thoughts?  Any way to fix or replace it?  This is my first foray into Klipsch and high quality audio so your help is appreciated  D10F7296-9E07-4873-B4AA-63C4C012B768.thumb.jpeg.8780dd47d7f1a334279eb98d7b04e4d7.jpeg

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when does the crackling happen?  on loud bass heavy music or at any volume with normal music?  if its on bass heavy music it could be the cabinet vibrating, but usually epics dont have that problem.  could also be a partially blown woofer, gently push in on the woofer with your fingers centered around the dust cap, not on the dust cap, & see if there is a "scratchy" feeling.  also gently tap on the dust cap to see if it makes a noise.  


it could be a crossover issue but that is unlikely, ive never heard a crossover cause a crackling issue, usually bad capacitors just make the mids & highs sound muddy or muffled. if the mids & highs are still crisp & clean the x-overs are probably fine, for now.

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On 9/20/2018 at 8:14 PM, rannydhodes said:

No such luck on wiring. I switched connections on the receiver and the same tweeter still crackles. 

one easy thing to check off the list,  is to make sure the top terminals going to the horn section are tight. This happened to mine once from swapping out spade connections and a nut became loose on a binding post. .   Take off the metal straps to the binding posts, unscrew the terminals and see if anything feels loose. 

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