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No Whining Wine


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As a Klipsch fan, efficiency is the model.  Finding efficiently priced wine that excels above the price is the goal.  Back in the early 90's a red from france with the La Vielle Ferme label was under $40 a case.  That was nice.  There was also a US west coast wine, which at the moment I can't recall, that was a fantastic bargain.  It didn't take long for these to be discovered and demand drove prices up.  True friends on the forum would reveal any current finds because the price will be going up soon anyway.  Anyone?

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19 minutes ago, oldtimer said:
22 minutes ago, windashine said:

are we discussing screw cap's or vented polymer bags in a cardboard container ?

Container type is irrelevant.

How about homemade muscadine wine in a jelly jar?  

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What I got today works here too....I didn't want to do this, but...


8 Magnums of this Parker rated 95.....They knew not what they had......at an insanely low price.....plus a discount for 6 bottles or more...I should have worn a mask out of that place.  The manager told me that hadn't sold but one in the last 2 years.  And, their inventory says they might have another six....he has my number.



Louis Martini 2014.jpg

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