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RF7 III thoughts Best Amplifier not AVR


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Fronts  2 RF-7 iii,   Center RC-64 iii,  2 Surrounds RP-250 S , 2 Subs R-115 SW,  2 In-ceiling Speakers came with the house believe they are Martin Logan  , Denon  4400 H Sounds good am concerned may be underpowered.


Was advised to get an Amplifier, looking for feedback as to what is recommended? 

Think I need a 5 or 7 channel amplifier  with 200 per channel at 8 ohms. ( Not Sure)

Feedback and comments are highly appreciated.



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3 minutes ago, Westcoastdrums said:

Let's start here... how my yenom do you have budgeted?

Two shunyaya Power cords.   Is that good enough? Long live shunyaya. 

Think he asked how much is budgeted, 


I figure around 1500 for an Amp.

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29 minutes ago, willland said:

Here is a great choice.





A bit more than your $1500.00 but with an MSRP of over $5000.00 it would be a steal.  My guess is that maybe only a few years old.  If I was in the market I would not hesitate.



Thanks will check with them.

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I'm in a similar situation, I'm in the middle of a basement build project and I want to setup 9.2 Dolby Atmos.  I have two RP-8000F front speakers, an RP-450C center, two RP-140SA atmos speakers, a series of smaller rear surrounds, and two Klipsch 12" powered subs.  My question is, when I purchase an amp how to connect them?  My quarterback is a Marantz SR7011 but I want to provide additional power to my setup.   I'm looking at multiple Emotiva XPA amps and wonder do I need to power ALL 9.2 of my speakers or just the front 5 for optimal results?  For example should I purchase two XPA5's or is that overkill?  Is the juice worth the squeeze in amplifying smaller speakers?  Or should I focus on just feeding the beasts?   I've searched the web for 3 days and cannot seem to find an actual DIAGRAM on how to connect the head unit to the amp or how to group the speakers?  People always take pics of the front of their media cabinets which is about freakin' useless.  I need to see the actual setup in the back.  YouTube tells you all the specs on the amps, but nobody shows you HOW THEY HAVE THEM CONNECTED?  Is it just me?



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