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Open Baffle Speaker design

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I have been running OB speakers for the better part of a year now, My setup consists of an 18" bass driver in an H-Frame with a 15" full range driver on top (My 1st foray into DiPole) I followed advice from M. King except I used a larger full range driver. It just makes sense to me that more cone area = better low mid range no breaking up or stressing a smaller driver.  I cross at 150 HZ with SS on the bass and Tubes up top.


I have been looking at images for OB speaker designs and I am curious as to the reason for having Bass drivers below (Close to the Floor) and again above 48" off the floor and above either a horn or FR driver


I am going to try and set up a test panel that will allow me to move drivers around and evaluate (with my ears) the differences / benefits etc...


Wondered if anyone here might know the thoughts behind placing a bass driver so high up

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Many if the times it is to allow the tweeter/mid to be at ear level when seated.  Two large drivers side by side below makes for a huge speaker (2-15's) like the old JBLs.  Not in vogue very much anymore.  Closer to the floor, better bass coupling.  Up higher and lower, depending on the crossover point, can do funky things with suck outs and lobing as noted.  They should be crossed very low considering the 1/2 wave length of mid bass will be right around the distance between the drivers so target listening location has to be taken into account for the drivers to sum properly reducing suck outs.

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I built a prototype and it SUCKed something out...........Sounded terrible which is OK because it ended up way to big for the room. Back to my H-Frame with FR on top which I had no initial problems with I just liked the look of some man. speakers and thought "I can do that"   Turns out I cant or didnt do that :) 


Very informative though I do appreciate the responses / links.


Now what to do with 2 spare 18 " drivers :dry:  what will the wife let me get away with ?

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I only use 15" woofers. Adding a second 15” Hawthorne Audio Augie up top to increase bass response, dynamics and to load 
the room top to bottom. This really makes for a big improvement.













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