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Kenwood KA-7002, Rare?

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To make a short story long, I recently picked up a restored Kenwood KA-7002 integrated amp, circa 1971,  from a local tech. It was pretty much dead when he got it. After we made the deal and kind of in passing, he said this amp does not have a speaker protection relay. He said of the three schematics he found on line, all showed a speaker protection relay under the bottom plate. The only speaker protection is two 1A fast blow fuses prior to the output.  Not thinking much about it, I took it home.


After some further inspection, I noticed it did not have a serial number. There was a place for the serial number on the back panel tag but no number. I removed the top and bottom panels and took some photo's. One of the Kenwood guys over on AK who owns and restores 7002's, noticed the heat sinks were aluminum but not painted black as are all the examples he has seen. Kenwood advertises the speaker protection circuit in their literature for this amp so you would assume the units sold to the public had it. There were no holes in the chassis to indicate the circuit was removed and no numbers stamped on the chassis either. On the right side of the chassis under the heat sink, hand written in black ink is "No 1." It was his opinion that this is possibly a prototype and/or certainly not intended to be sold to the general public. How cool is that! 


It does sound great through the Heresy I's but has a couple of minor quirks. There is a little noise through the tweeters but can't be heard more than a foot away. Kind of like most vintage tube amps I have owned. Running more than one set of speakers at a time reduces the volume a bit on both. Both speakers are 8 ohms and I only plan to use one pair at a time. It does have a very good phono stage, better than my Marantz 2238b. 


That's my story for now. I am thrilled to own it. Here are some pics. On the lower left of the last picture, you can see the two fuses and two stickers which read,  "1A (6 x 30) SCHURTER." Just thought I would share. Thanks for reading!

Kenny, 1.jpg

Kenny, 2.jpg

Kenny, 3.jpg

Kenny, 5.jpg

Kenny, 6.jpg

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That faceplate looks awesome. My grandfather owned and sold his KA-5002 to my parents when I was young. I did a lot of listening on that model. Except for the Bass/Treble area it's the same as your 7002. Enjoy!

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