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recent sales info please

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You didn't over pay at all. Your total expense considering your time, gas, wear and tear etc is part of the equation. You got these for an "all in price" of $1,400, that's a very fair deal.

People that wait and wait for the ultimate deal, waste a lot of time and are not listening to LS's during this time.

Enjoy them.

SRV was the first thing I play when I got my first set of fully horn loaded 3 way speakers (Belles) too.

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I look at it this way....  you didn't necessarily overpay...  didn't you say he had some medical issues or bills?


How about you were compassionate about his situation and helped him out by paying a fair market value and while doing so, didn't knock him down for a stupid $200 which might now go towards a good cause (bills).


My hat's off to you!


As been said, "pics or it didn't happen"



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On 6/2/2019 at 11:05 AM, wvu80 said:

Because of the rural state in which I live I have to drive four hours round trip to anywhere to pick up used speakers.  Your time is worth something.


Good luck.

Road trips for speakers are always fun!

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