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Whats you first name and if you have one nickname

mr clean

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"Real name is Bruce, named after Robert the Bruce, the Catholic who fought for Scottish independence. Little did I know I would grow up to bome Catholic after years of our family not having any affiliation.


Nickname - Captain Marvel (Marvel on the forums). Three of us friends during late high school till now, were Shadow, Phantom and Marvel. Started in the '60s. Shadow is still my best friend. Phantom has passed away. At '74 I'm finding it a little harder to make long term plans".


Well, on an audio level and a forum aquaintance level, you're alright. I hope ya have plenty time left for some of your plans. For the most part there have been some really decent ,helpful people here, even now and certainly over the years. Plans...yeah..long term, not makin many. 


I did forget to even post my name Bill, after a long line of William's

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