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Klipschorns (parts) -1969

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If you asked me, I'd build a pair of Belle cabinets. Much prettier. ;) But that's just me. There were 2 sets of plans I worked with plus a program that I got my cut list for 3 sheets of Baltic Birch.  Belles are a tad wider but not as deep....you mainly give up the larger K-400 horn. But you could always do something else for mids and highs.  Link to mine I built is in my sig at bottom.


Ok, I'm partial to them. 


But if you DO have the woodworking tools and skills,  get the Speakerlab K plans and whatever Klipschorn plans you can find and build a set. I believe all the early ones were built from half inch wood, which is what I would use if I built a set, versus trying to reinvent the wheel. It may take awhile but you have most everything for them.







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