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ProMedia 5.1 section a disgrace!


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I have just seen what you mean. My god - that doesnt even qualify as pornography. There seems to be no depth of obsenity that cannot be plumbed by some.

Frankly if the moderators do not act quickly this site will be closed by the authorities. I understand it is based in the US afterall and there are laws on portraying this kind of thing.

Stomach churning stuff.

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Isn't it sad that some people can come to a very nice, (well, a few spats amongst memmers now and then) respectible forum and post garbage? I personally didn't see the images as i never wander into that section, but from what I read it was discusting.

I admit, a joke that is a little off kilter is one thing, but.....

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I mean, I have seen some really rotten, evil stuff, but there are THOUSANDS of forums for those people and that material. Oh well, if you ban an IP address for a dial up user, they are through (pretty much), but on a firewalled DSL line like I have, resetting the router will give me a new IP, and basically, I could not be banned, not that I would need to be (REALLY!!!) 2.gif

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I am a fairly broad minded kind of a guy but they were simply the most horrific degrading pictures of anything I have ever seen. I wish I hadnt.

I realize that for those that didnt see you must be consumed with curiosity as to what on earth was posted. but you will have to take the words of those that were unfortuate enough to have been subjected to them that you are lucky indeed.

I for one have had nightmares all weekend and feelings of nausia are a constant companion whenever I think of them.

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