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AvantGarde subwoofers rule over all!


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Well the speakers / subs in Ray's picture looks very nice and all but it does beg the question of where all the electronics go.

You know - the minor stuff like amps, preamps, sources and the like...

I suppose you could just have the speakers installed as a conversation piece, after all it isnt obviously a speaker system - more like modern art.

Looking at the prices it bears more than a passing resemblence to modern art come to that...

Shouldnt this setup be in the Tate Gallery?

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I have heard the Duo's. I have to admit OMG are they nice. Nothing compares to it in the Klipsch lineup maybe the K horn or Jubilees are close to the "experience." Super clean, incredible dynamics...thump through your soul kinda feeling. Anything recorded lifelike,,symphony, jazz, vocalists, instrumentals..new age...just is a 11 on a 1-10 scale.

I had not felt this giggly excited about stereo speakers since I was 15 and in the "adults only kids not allowed" expensive room at the local stereo store and heard my first K horns.

There is a used pair here in Indy of the duos for about 6-7 grand... If I was a little crazier....I would. But that would also go against everything in my heart I also love about my klipsch too. So I guess I am, in fact, married to Klipsch and looking forward to the new HT system they are set to bring out too.

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thats what everyone says kipschfan. They are supposed to have the extreme dynamics of klipsch speakers, but the smoothness and accuracy of domes/none horns. How can you be so against them with never hearing them max? from what I hear they are absolutly unrivaled. And if the duo's can beat the Klipschorns, think about that the Trio Classics can do! with that 107 db rating at 1 watt, you can't say they are bad. Also, if you can affoard the sepakers, you can probably affoard a rack to put your equipment on, or an additional room to store the equip in.

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I am not against them and I have heard them (not the big ones in the picture - the Duo's) at the high end show in Athens last year.

They do indeed sound very nice but there was something going on between the woofer and the horns that didnt quite work. It was a tonal change that meant the bass seemed somehow remote from the rest of the sound.

The fact that there was a pair of KHorns playing in a room nearby made the comparison interesting, if a little dangerous with different front ends and room sizes. Overall it convinced me that maybe there is something to this folded horn design for bass afterall.

As it happens I noticed that their site refers to the woofer as being all new. I wonder if I heard an older version as no-one else who has heard them echos my observations.

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Max, I agree with your assessment. As I mentioned in another thread, I have only heard the Uno's. I must say they did sound good, but in the end I was somewhat disappointed. I probably had overly high expectations, but they just didn't knock my socks off. My audition was very brief, so that may have something to do with it. I think their biggest weakness is in the bass modules -- I believe they are using 10" woofers. This is where the Klipschorn thoroughly outperforms it. Those huge AG bass horns could be another story though. However, $60,000 just for the complete set of bass does seem pretty steep (not to mention adding the price of the main speakers). I'm not saying that AG speakers aren't very good, just overpriced -- not something that can be said of Klipsch.

I believe there are some former AG owners that traded in their speakers for Oris horns (a very similar looking horn).

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What I want to get an oppertunity to hear (afterwords I'm confident I'd want to own too) is this:



A 107dB/W/m horn with excellent dispersion control. It uses a compression tweeter (there is another tweeter you can use that lowers sensitivity to 103dB/W/m but really ups the power handling) and 4 midrange drivers that end up acting like a single acoustic source from 300hz up to over 20khz. Add some high quality 15" drivers and actively biamp with an active crossover to handle from 300hz down to a crossover to a subwoofer and you are in business.

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It is the drivers that are delivering the sound to the horns (no different than Klipsch). The horns just project that sound. Look at the K400 in the Khorn and La Scala. They are over 20" long, and go from 1" at the throat to almost 20" wide. The Altec 511B's I am using (in place of the K400) dwarf all of the Klipsch midrange horns. They are 24" wide and almost 10" high. Here's a shot of them...



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