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Klipsch Palladium P39F---Chicago Area


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4 hours ago, Randyh said:

yeah ,it is  a known issue , woofers -------but klipsch has no recall except they seem to sell them at a favorable price to customers-----



Bad woofers are still pretty rare. Mine were built in 2009 and have no issues at all, but they were assembled by the engineers in Indy. They have been used as test speakers for years. They have had some crossover work as well. 

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39 minutes ago, Randyh said:

---- high power actually could be 1 cause  or a bad batch that mixed in with lesser strict quality control  on 1 day of manufacturing -the way to trace this is simple , serial nos are entered based on a set of events - then the bin is identified -then the manufacturer log  and delivery shedule -


-crossover upgrades may be critical ----these are 9 inches Neodymium magnets  - pushing the system for high bass without a sub with 3 woofers operating at once with a flat radius ,  may not be so ideal    -


my guess is that you need more than just a pair of P39f 's to achieve a full spectrum for Rock music sound , and steady punching bass would be better suited for a  Khorn or a Jubilee   -Classical on the other hand must be sublime -

Even a Khorn needs a sub to get all the music. In the P series Palladiums, 2 woofers get a different signal from the crossover than the third woofer....they're 3.5 way.

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15 hours ago, Randyh said:

do you remember which series of PALLADIUM , you demoed



They were the top model, the PF-39, and why stunningly beautiful sound wise they fell below Klipschorn and above RF-73 I believe,l no where near Jubes, but there is only so much you can do with a small box.

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