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Klipsch Palladium P39F---Chicago Area


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On 1/1/2020 at 12:30 PM, Randyh said:

you are definitely right on that one , new pair - mint condition - no scratches -is a lot better for 9k$  for a used set -at least 10 years of 0 problems -


-have you ever considered buying a pair of these speakers , and are they that good   ?  by that I mean superior to a Khorn

They are getting harder to find, especially in great shape like these appear to be. Some people paid 20k for those a few years ago. I think they sound superb. They are 3-4 people on here that have Palladiums and Khorns, they all chose the Palladium overall. They are stunning in person.

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1 hour ago, Randyh said:

I dont doubt it at all - it must be quite an experience to be able to hear them play - their reputation is spotless   - I would buy a pair at the right price  if the deal comes up -

This is a good price for spectacular speakers. If I didn't have two kids in college, and had an extra 8k laying around, these would be in my living room....along with the P38s there now 😀

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4 hours ago, Randyh said:

I would wonder how these really sound like ,I never saw a pair anywhere in my neck of the woods -

the sad part is that they were not powered speakers , with built in amps

Fortunately they weren't self powered with built in amps. Look up the KSP-300 and KSP-400 for built in amps that fail



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6 hours ago, JMON said:

I've never heard any of the Palladium series but have heard many positive reviews.  What is the factory support on this series?  If a woofer or other driver gets damaged, are there replacements available?

There is a limited supply of parts, someone on here replaced a couple woofers a while back. Probably getting slim though. These are actually 3.5 way speakers.

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