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For Sale - H700s


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After hearing the new Klipsch at Chief Bonehead's class, I want a pair of Heresy IVs.  To help that happen I'm selling my H700s, one from 1968 and the other from 1967.  1E324 is very attractive and I am unaware of nicks or obvious scratches.  It has a Type C network and a cast-frame K-22.  It was dull sounding when I got it so I replaced the caps with Solens.  Later I discovered the tweeter was intermittent and I replaced it with a K-77-M.  I have the original tweeter, still.  1F742 was bought unfinished apparently in Hickory and remains unfinished.  It also has a cast-frame K-22 and Type C network.  I also replaced the tweeter with a K-77-M and have that tweeter if you'd prefer it.  These were to be used in my planned cabin and have been used as rear channel HT speakers and/or music speakers in my music room. 

$500 for the pair, or $250 each plus shipping from 37343.  I think they weigh 45 pounds each; the same as a Heresy I.  You can pick them up just north of Chattanooga, TN, or I'll drive 100 miles to meet you. 


Help a brother with his upgrade!  🤣 









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