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Cornwalls North Muskegon $500


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Thanks for the alert as Klipsch offerings are somewhat rare here.

These are right in my backyard & I will likely be driving through his neighborhood in the morning while attending to other duties.

Crappy photos, bed-liner like appliqué, and a $500 ask will preclude me from even making an inquiry.

If I can assist, let me know



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I love Duratex but even I draw the line somewhere.  That said, they’re probably worth $500 to a local buyer.  Cash in hand would possibly get a small discount.






FWIW, I doubt that’s Duratex.  Your “bedliner” comment is spot on, as well as lump on.

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4 hours ago, Randyh said:

Hey DizRotus , quick question -


  how would one remove such a bedliner material off of the speaker's wood panels - wood stripper - or sanding -I am asking because I spotted a  single  LS1 with a mint dog house  rounded corners super condition , but the top and sides have duratex or something else and I want to bring it back to bare wood -- the cab is stiffer than my other pair of earlier LSI with regular corners-  any suggestions ?

Apair of CWs I bought had a layer of paint about 1/4 inch thick, I put 60 grit on a belt sander and ripped it until the wood was just starting to show. From there I went with 100 grit on an orbital to get closer to the wood.



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So, I did make a drive through North Muskegon today on my way to the office, but I failed to see any Cornwalls along the way.

Since I'm not a FB user, I will just have to wait for these, and any other potential acquisitions, to find me.

It's not that far away so if I can assist you with a peak, poke, or hold, PM me.



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3 hours ago, ZEUS121996 said:

Single or pair? 

Great question.

If a pair, I likely missed out on a good-ish deal.

If a single, I missed the opportunity to negotiate for a center.

No tears are being shed here though.




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