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CleanerVinyl EasyOne: Ultrasonic Vinyl Record Cleaner


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This should be moved to maybe 2 channel?

I use an ultrasonic cleaner, probably the best  way to clean records. I wouldn't recommend that particular one, because it only cleans one at a time. I would get one that cleans at least 4 at a time because it takes a while to clean and dry, approx. 1/2 hour, and the tank is big enough to hold at least 4 albums. You have to buy the ultrasonic tank separately, this is just the mechanism that holds and spins the record.

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I have the cleanervinyl one system.  I love it.  You can take a used, filthy dirty record and remove 95%+ of the noise from it.  It really is incredibly effective!


Kevin is right though, it is annoying only cleaning one at a time.  I generally do one per night, and am slowly working my way through my 300 or so records.  I have had the unit for 6 months or so, and have probably cleaned 100 records.  I will probably buy the second record adapter soon, so that I can double my production.  I could certainly do it at a faster pace, but I don't mind taking my time.


One thing you should know, these systems produce a very loud and extremely annoying sound when running.  I keep mine in a closet in the basement.  I turn it on, close the basement door and go upstairs until it is done.  You can't hear it much upstairs, but it is very annoying downstairs.  My system is downstairs, so no listening while cleaning!



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18 minutes ago, Tarheel TJ said:

I keep mine in a closet in the basement

Mine is in the basement also, but my system is upstairs. I'll set the cleaner for 15 minutes, go upstairs and listen to a side of an lp, go back downstairs and turn the fan on to dry them for another side of an album. Mine holds 4 lp's, which I think is just right, until I buy a bunch like I just did. I'll have to clean 75 lp's now @ 4 at a time!

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That cleanervinyl site has all the info and linkage you'll need to go from novice to well informed and what to look for.

Degass-ing can be accomplished by running it for five minutes. A sweep function will prevent "hot-spots" from happening by varying the frequency 3khz or so constantly. 40khz isn't the best for LP cleaning but its affordable and does a fantastic job with Tergikleen.

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