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  1. Randyh

    Corona Virus

    Sorry for your loss ----------God Bless
  2. Randyh

    Corona Virus

    until the CDC finds the culprit , for an old timer , you are very right , to say , Heritage Members 13304 27335 posts Report post Posted 5 minutes ago Just remember to panic. You only have a 97 or so percent chance of living if you get it.
  3. - wow , based on the sticker , these are relatively NEW ---for Cinema - ------how much do these cost , I am impressed ----not sure what highs -mids you can use , they had a series of 4x K55V into 1 horn section , they had the Motorola piezo in a pod of 4 - but my guess is you need a K402 or the EV Mantaray ,if these were my speakers , it would be the 2445 J with a JBL butt-cheeks horn -
  4. Randyh

    Corona Virus

    nope - Toyota Corona is a very reliable car -much more reliable than a Camry , some have the same Diesel engines used inToyota Crown taxis , over 1 million miles easy in Taxi usage in all out traffic --here is a 2018 Toyota Crown ----no import to the USA , even better than a Lexus -
  5. Randyh

    Corona Virus

    you can die -----from a pneumonia style infection ------------if the virus is still active ----
  6. Randyh

    Corona Virus

    nope - packages are being shipped out of Guandong , and Guangzou------- into Customs all over the world for the past week , most of this zone's businesses were shut down for 3-4 weeks since the outbreak , they are now back up and running selling on Ebay -Amazon -
  7. beautiful find , Gary , now make sure the power cable and wiring are not frayed , ------and once it is cleaned up and into a decent wood cabinet - it would very nice , it's the tuner on these that is the most beautiful part , I have a few old tube radios --------there is nothing like the sound of an old radio , it brings you back to the 60's ---------
  8. --------first question , does the amp turn on , any sound , if yes , it is worth fixing , if you can find a similar amp that is in need of repair , but that has no cosmetic damage -
  9. cool - Marvel --------who needs subs with speakers this size , are these MWM loaded with two - 15 inches woofers k43 - per speaker, and last question - did you build this pair from scratch
  10. you guys have much better weather than we do , here in the North , we could not play speakers outside saving for a few months of the year , we are not allowed to do any fires , outside ,it is prohibited by Law the Fire Department' s fine is over 1000$ , and a second time offense , is double the amount , plus there are the neighbors , a complaint for noise is also very expensive , so what that means , is unless you live out in the woods with no close by neighbors who could call 911 , you are ok -------basically, you have to live on a farm to play speakers outdoors and have a fire outdoors -
  11. who makes this horn ------------brand -model ? - size ? ----specs ?
  12. the Queen of the UK is the Queen of Canada , and yes , Most Canadians are Honored as she is a real Lady with a real Touch of Class -
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