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  1. Vince , the adhesive ....3M™ Super 77™ Multipurpose Spray Adhesive , this glue is forgiving , any bad step can be back-tracked - https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/p/d/b40071862/ here is a picture of 1 of my cane grilles , it's quite fragile , a quick rub with a damp soft cloth, with dishwasher soap does the trick , and I dry it asap -
  2. Very , very close sound ,between the push pin single phase plug driver and the solder K-55V dual phase plug driver ,however the are worth 100$ more per pair , easy if not more , and they are much rarer since they were only made for a period of about 18 months - the current K55X -Atlas PD5VH is the old single phase plug driver with Solder lugs in the top plate -
  3. Pristine interiors , the R means that the k-55V is a factory warranty replacement driver - -my initial post was that these 1981 speakers may have the soldered lug K55V , good news -
  4. the Forte IV is excellent , the Heresy IV is a fabulous speaker , and the AL5 , is simply spectacular --
  5. Sorry Tom , was just kidding , will do , please erase my earlier post -tx
  6. Congratulations on a Job Well done , the Best is yet to come ,-
  7. the K77 was not THAT delicate , it could take quite a bit of punishment ,the failures started when the tweeters hit 20+ years old , then 30 and now over 40 years old -there are tons of k77 left in operation , I have several pairs that have not failed in close to 45 years ,
  8. now this is BARGAIN folks , fantastic condition , original black cabs in good shape -roughly the price of the drivers -
  9. the khorns look amazing , what a transformation , they look like Modern khorns --------now I just noticed the couch , can't help noticing that it looks like an Antique Church bench conversion ?
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