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  1. yes - the B2 was the last to use a k55-k77-k33 , the B3 was the last used in the CW1 with the K52 Hepner and the k57
  2. Randyh

    Pair of '97 Klipsch La Scala Speakers

    JIMBO - did you buy these -
  3. Randyh

    Pair of '97 Klipsch La Scala Speakers

    1000$ - 1500$ - is a good average - 1500$ if they are pristine sounding and looking
  4. Randyh

    Pair of '97 Klipsch La Scala Speakers

    ok - I will offer you a good starting price - 1000$ - the AL-3 is one of the worst crossovers ever , but , hey , these speakers are very nice - shipping around 500$ to the Con USA - so 1500$ for a forum member to own these sounds fair -
  5. Randyh

    Klipsch crossovers

    are you sure this crossover is A KP .3.6-A which is also used on a KP -362 - here is the picture of the crossover -do you see that the schematic matches -
  6. looking for the schematic of a kp 362 -crossover tx
  7. Randyh

    K-55-V Driver Specifications

    I just dont undertand the complexity of using a JBL 2386 when you can use a Klipsch k400 metal or K401 plastic horn that already have a threaded adaptor for the K55V built in to the horn -than horn has been in use with klipsch products since such a long time and with so much success that it's a no brainer perfect match - dont over-complicate the solution , a K400 is both inexpensive and perfectly suited for the K55 , I doubt the JBL 2386 will perform as well -
  8. Randyh

    Kp-201 pricing?

    they are really clean speakers - these are usually beat up - scratched , and definitely not in this great condition - excellent -
  9. Randyh

    Building the Type AA

    what is the best sounding tweeter overall fragility apart , K77 -CT120 - CT125 , with diode tweeter protection do you consider the K77 as good , or is it surpassed by the rest due to superior technology -
  10. Randyh

    Super Cornwall

    here is a pic of a later than 80 CW1-Heppner k57 - -k77 square -B2 network - 8 screws- can you do a MOD using the EVM 15L (8 OHMS - 6KHZ) - your Super Heresy uses the EVM12L 8ohms- uper-heresy
  11. Randyh

    Super Cornwall

    yes -you have no other choice , we are looking at a very old design. , -would you mount the woofer ahead of the motorboard or behind the motorboard , I always wondered if that can make a difference -tx
  12. Randyh

    Super Cornwall

    - very good observation , you are 100% right -the older diaphragms all had less resin on top of the dome right in the middle - the new diaphragms are made in Thailand -if you have pictures of the boxes of the diaphragms you got from Bob Crites - please can you post them - to see where these were made -tx
  13. Randyh

    Super Cornwall

    CLAUDE , I never saw a set of EV diaphragms for the K55M for sale ,ever , they never commercialized the diaphragm as a replacement part imho - now the fact that the K55V diaphragm fits into the k55M seems to indicate that EV and ATLAS were in some form of cooperation in sharing the design of the K55M , since it is inconceivable that a competitor's diaphragm can go in to another that easily due to Copyright -if memory serves me well , the problem at the time was the fact that ALNICO MAGNETS had soared up in price due to a lack of supply , hence the mud magnet -maybe , you can elaborate , tx
  14. pm sent to COLTER as he is the expert on PRO UNITS -