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  1. is the k28 still the woofer being used by the H4 -
  2. the buyer has 1 feedback rating , so a pretty lucky buyer , you avoided a bidding war , perfect reasoning and you are right , caution is always best - anything wrong is costly -these are 12 inch woofers with neo magnets -
  3. 3 minutes - let's see if these hit 1k$
  4. let them go , the buyer has only 1 feedback rating -this might become a bidding war -
  5. the seller will take less because he does not want to risk damaging the speakers which also means they are in great shape -right ,
  6. no sale yet - local pickup only -I would offer 800$ - click on - contact seller - scroll down to make an offer - you have nothing to lose as he has no other buyer - 1h 10 minutes to go -
  7. the anti-fungal solution , I use is Pura CleenRx Disinfectant Spray-
  8. make sure to use an anti-fungal cleaning solution before applying any Watco oil -it will get rid of the musty smell on wood -
  9. if they wont sell ,, the seller will have to relist at a lower price -
  10. these KHORNS are worthy of being rebuilt the right way -
  11. am I reading it right - 11750$ or 1175$ -
  12. 2A3 SET amps are a great option for a LaScala , the 300B may have flabby bass , you would have to listen to both amps and hear the difference -
  13. I dont care about the AL ,but the speakers are very nice , a bit expensive and too bad they are not closer to my location
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