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  1. check your speakers for a klipsch tag ------that would tell you if it's an original klipsch khorn - a Speakerlab --or even a DIY
  2. RandyH

    Covid19 redux

    it would make better sense than a vaccine for covid 19 - which every body fears -----
  3. Video of St-Louis Police Chief - 4 St. Louis police officers shot during violent riots near downtown https://www.ksdk.com/article/news/crime/4-st-louis-police-officers-shot-during-violent-riots-near-downtown/63-35394462-a56d-4083-9a84-dee815925214
  4. Looters, rioters not being prosecuted by circuit attorney, says attorney general; Kim Gardner responds https://www.ksdk.com/article/news/local/st-louis-riots-missouri-attorney-general-says-circuit-attorney-not-prosecuting-criminals/63-3cf5934f-623d-4f71-ac9f-05c2c2882b78
  5. Denver police officer fired for "Let's start a riot" post during George Floyd protest https://www.cbsnews.com/news/thomas-mcclay-denver-police-officer-fired-lets-start-a-riot-george-floyd-protest/
  6. there are millions of families who would welcome a new child , and that number exceeds the number of abortions by far -
  7. let's not discriminate -- there is good and bad in all races -
  8. how are you Mara , we were wondering how you were doing , and yes all is fine and All the Best to you -Regards
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