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  1. Heresy 3 is a better speaker than a H2 - better woofer , better mids and highs , better crossover -night and day -
  2. he cleaned all the boards , the copper coils and the contacts of all the resistors and the capacitors with the NASA Contact Enhancer. that stuff is somewhat similar to DEOXIT , if I am not wrong here -
  3. as far as bass , I have Scala's and no the bass is definitely not punchy , it's ok , now Cornwall is better and deeper , and Chorus 1 or 2 is even a step deeper than a Cornwall , the bass is tight , and really punchy --
  4. does the Kappa 15C give a better deeper bass in the SCALA vs a K33 or k43, I have 3 LSI , they all have the K43
  5. what is a punchy bass you mean light bass
  6. any Mcintosh tubr amp , sometimes they are pricey , but they are made to last -----
  7. Natural wood looks a lot better than black Lascalas , I 've had mine black for so long , I just need to change their look , next summer , my lascalas are getting stripped back to the natural birch look , if I dont like the plywood look , I will add oak 1/4 inch panels all around , and simply use watco oil as a finish -
  8. you are very close to the Klipsch factory , there must be tons of these around -
  9. which model , series Crown amp did you buy -
  10. maybe he is the one who make up the new part numbers
  11. you would have to start by isolating the problem - 1)could be the amplifier cutting out due to clipping , lower the volume --- if you have A-B , switch B-A -- re-test , if you have a 2nd amplifier - check to see if both amps do the same problem 2) check the wiring , to the amplifier --- and the speakers ----- disconnect ---------make sure that the wires have good connections , if not , cut , splice and make new connections - 3) open the 2 Heresy speakers wooden back covers with a screwdriver ----------and test with a multimeter the readings of the tweeters ( 8ohms ) the mids ( 16 ohms ) - the woofer 8 ohms -any really low number means the diaphragm need to be replaced or the woofer voice coil is shot ( K55v mids OR k77 tweeter diaphragms ) 4) check the wires of the crossovers to the speakers , then check to see if the wires are screwed tight on the barrier metal strip ------- if not tighten - there are simple tests you can do on your own
  12. Heaven , beaches , sunshine , beautiful St-Petersburg , sure beats minus 20 celsius , snow and freezing rain - hell , my car was stuck this morning while spending the weekend in Montreal , it rained , then it froze and then it snowed . in 1 day , the ice on the windshield glass was 1/2 inch thick https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/montreal-weather-freezing-rain-heavy-winds-expected-on-weekend
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