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  1. 10 watts is not enough -we're in 2018 not 1950 -
  2. Both speakers complement each other very well and both together produce an ever better sound , -
  3. dont take it out , it doesnt hurt anything , actually it helps to keep things cooler , you can add it to a k75 , or remove it from a k79 , but it's main function is to remove heat from the voice coil, and to passively damp the movement of the cone -
  4. they are definitely no longer stock , these works of art are not your average B network and by far -
  5. the P21 is an amazing amp -but the price is what garantees it is the highest quality with no compromise -
  6. the k48 does not fit in the scala -
  7. any ultra sound rectangular tank can do the job , for a small budget - -here's the basic idea - a 150$ tank , with a shaft and 2 holders and a few spacers - it can be manual or with a small motor to turn the shaft -and it works with all cleaning solutions - the only item I would add is a locking clamp at the end of the shaft -
  8. here is what a plain black Chorus II look like versus yours - the black finish of your speakers is exceptional -
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