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Community Answers

  1. https://d2um2qdswy1tb0.cloudfront.net/product-specsheets/70th-Anniversary-La-Scala-Spec-Sheet-v02.pdf
  2. --Absolutely Gorgeous speakers -
  3. Dave - - the 3/4 inch birch panel opening is 1,5:" wider than the woofer opening - - the plug is 1,5 inch thick with 2 seals , 1 on the speaker cabinet - the 2nd on the plug panel. - 2 foam sections are placed on the sides of the dog house walls and they fold to the top - -the risers are 3 " high x 1 " .. distancing ....1/2 inch from the sides and 1 inch rear / front -
  4. this picture shows the current woofer access panel on the LS II -AL5 -the speaker no longer rests on the bottom access panel , but on the riser -there are 2 foam pieces that seem to be placed between the woofer and the walls of the dog house - they even went 1 step further - the cabinet and the woofer door are routed for a perfect plug with a double seal all around the plug -
  5. klipsch Part no 121501 is correct the klipsch Parts price was around 220$ for a pair in 2019 -
  6. if you go with the Crites woofers , you have to grind the cast basket on 2 sides , there is foam in the dog house around the woofer , make sure it is not positioned in such a way as to contact with the woofer -
  7. we used to throw tube amps in the containers , obsolete technology , the BGW 750 amplifiers were by then so reliable in the sound industry , no one ever looked back -
  8. that's exactly what these amps are for -Pro speakers - heavy punching bass , rock-metal - the warranty covers shipping both ways with insurance /no hassle warranty , top notch all the way - you dont have the right box , they'll send you one specifically for the amp by Fedex Free of charge -
  9. I am not sure that they would share that information , unless you owned the speaker , and even then , they may , or they may not - the schematic is proprietary information nonetheless , it's not public information like a Brochure or a specs sheet
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