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Local guy I grew up with was Stewart Copeland's drum tech forever.  David played in a couple groups as a kid but was beyond playing w/groups.  He was fantastic spending DAYS holed up in his dad's garage w/his gold sparkle Ludwig kit.  After high school graduation he just disappeared and turned up in NYC where he met Stewart.  David would spend a LOT of time sitting at my place jamming out and getting caught up when he came back to see his parents.  He passed about 15 years ago but stopped by to tell me he had cancer and not much time left.  Three weeks later he was gone.  Such a great guy who exited stage left too soon.  The BS we laffed about was ALWAYS funny as heck cause I could relate and he knew it.  Told me Stewart was fantastic to work with and they always got along well.  Prolly cause they shared the same love and put their pants on the same way.  Great getting old.  Bittersweet seeing those posts but yea there's a lil sidebar story of mine.  I never asked his mom what happened to his drum kit.  I just couldn't. 


Thanks for the posts Subway.  Brought back a LOT of smiles!

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Thanks for that @Subway!  It happens.  Ya get older and see those you know, love, friends pass.  That Life Cycle maybe.  I just lay it out there and most here know that.  Being left of center can be a good thing it you're true to your friends.  One big happy gaggle in here.  :)


Just sitting here and this popped in my head...  Enjoy!




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3 minutes ago, Dave1291 said:

Another late night vision...  hahaha  How's that coffee @Full Range?

I roast my own coffee beans and have a near cafe quality set up at home 

My good wife calls me her personal barista and won’t trade me in, and overlooks my HiFi indulgence 😎


Yep she is a cool chick 

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Ahhhh!  Print her name on the mugga before you pour it too?  lol  She's gotta be cool.  :)


Before every show the boys ALWAYS get together and harmonize about 6-8 times on 7 Bridges Road.  That harmony has to be perfect or they just stand there and do it til it's right and everyone's happy.   It's almost ALWAYS the first song after intermission.  :)


I really needed that vaca w/my youngest daughter in Phoenix and catching this show.  Knew I'd find a couple clips now on youtube.  Worth every penny and when they come out on the regular tour I'll prolly show up again.  I'm a repeat offender.  :)






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7 hours ago, Full Range said:

Are the Eagles a country band ( be it crossover or not ) 

Or Not 

What say you



Folk-rock maybe?

In their prime just after the early 70s, those remarkable harmonies were all over the airwaves. There was a standard then. Eagles had some of the best vocals since CSNY. Their decidedly easy going tempos got them airplay on the soft and the hard rock FM stations.

As far as country sounding think I recall a couple that remind me of it.

Not as many as Mick and the Stones did though!

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