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Yanno this is all some good "therapy" for all of us.  Funny as heck throwin ;em up and wondering what DJune is gonn a gleen from it all.  Even if she doesn't do a thing with any of it we've still got memories.  What do these kids know anyway???  Could have a sleeper though!  😂  😂  😂

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Oh yea, Barry Gordy's gaggle...  Yea, knew 'em all.  2.5 hour drive north to Detroit and 2.5 hours back EVERY Sunday afternoon.  Rarely did I miss a trip.  Parents thought I had a girlfriend.  hahahaha  Had to scrounge gas money, pay to get in and steal the car.  Always the "where ya been" questions when I got home.  😂  😎

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The last one I recall coming out when I was still On The Hunt?

In the early 80s  (Insert bows head and shakes from side to side smiley)* thought I was smart enough to juggle two intimate friends at once.... Did we all think that way at that age?



Worked about six weeks until I got busted.


* where did the useful smileys all go? they came in a bunch of a couple dozen and covered it all  )*&%it when windows xp was out.

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Poe - Control (Apocalypse remix Version), haunted LP

more multi-tracking


Dig me out; podcast 257 Poe Hello


The 1995 debut Hello by Poe shifted from moody hip-hop to hymnlike piano to fingerpicking pop-folk with varying results


As we discussed in our October roundtable episode on female artists of the 90s, 1995 was a historic year thanks to Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette.

But Alanis wasn’t the only artist to make an impact. The New York Times noted in early 1996 about the debut album Hello by Poe and her “moody hip-hop to hymnlike piano to fingerpicking pop-folk.” We revisit this eclectic record that features contributions from former Guns ‘n Roses drummer Matt Sorum, late hip-hop producer/artist J Dilla and Alice in Chains/Jane’s Addiction recording engineer Dave Jerden. 



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