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Looking for Speaker Recommendations


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In the process of setting up my first home theater. Have

a pair of Klipsch Heresey speakers (late 70's) and won a bid

on Ebay for a 2nd pair. Planning on using them as L/R Front

and L/R Surround speakers. Wondering what would make a good

match for a Center Speaker and sub woofer? The room size is

approx 11' x 20'

The other components are:

B&K AVR 307

Fujitsu PDS 4241 42" Plasma

Panasonic DVD-RP91K

Thanks for your suggestions!

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Sounds good. You will need to get another heritage speaker for the center for it to sound its best. any of the heritage would work just fine.

only thing i would change is the POS plasma you have. i am an authorized receiver of plasma screens. please send it to me. i more than generously provide you with a BRAND NEW Magnavox 19". 3.gif

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I have a similar sized room and got the following advice from SVS--a popular sub brand on this board.

One PC-Plus would be within a stone's throw of a single CS-Ultra in over all capacity. I think you will find this one of the best if not THE best upgrade you have purchased.

A Heresy below the Plasm at the same height as the front Heresys should be a nice blend.

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you may want risers for the heresy's... make sure they are aimed at your head when sitting (or standing... somehow i think you will sit during a movie more hehe). infact, i like my tweeters to be just SLIGHTLY above ear level. if you need plans to BUILD your own risers, email me. HDBRbuilder (who likely helped build your heresy's, and is a GREAT guy) sent me the plans for the risers.

Oh yeah NOZ, I picked up a pair of vintage Jenson loudspeakers that will easily blow away the la scala's and a sweet 22" JL audio driven subwoofer that hits 45hz at 130dB... trade ya for the La Scalas and the dual SVS's, QUITE inferior to what I am offerring you. Don't think you are taking advantage of me, though you are, I just feel sorry for all the pain your ears must be in!

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This might be considered heresy (pardon the pun) in this forum, but you might experiment doing without a center channel first. You're not going to get an exact voice match for the Heresy speaker, unless you can find someone selling a single speaker, which is not likely.

However, I've toyed with listening to my RF-3's without my center channel, and depending on where I choose to sit in my entertainment room, the sound is excellent and vocals are still well centered.

Try that first, and if you're still compelled to purchase a center channel, you can pick up the RF-3.

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On 11/22/2002 4:57:38 PM whell wrote:

You're not going to get an exact voice match for the Heresy speaker, unless you can find someone selling a single speaker, which is not likely.


'course, you COULD buy a pair of Heresy's and use them for front/rear center speakers...


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Take it from someone who has six Heritage speakers for audio and six KLF-30's for HT... timbre matching six Klipsch speakers provides a world of benefit. Our resident Drake hit it right on the head when he said pick up another set of Heresys to use as the front center and rear center and you will complement your picture with matched sound. Remember, in DVD's better than 75% of the sound comes from the front center speaker... so that is the most important speaker you will buy for HT.

If space is a problem, you might find a Academy which matches the Heresy's better than a KLF-C7 (and I have both kinds of centers... I use the Academy in the rear center of the audio only system with a Belle in the front flanked by a pair of Klipschorns... with Cornwalls for surrounds). I use a pair of KLF-C7's as front effects speakers in the HT room.

I also use a matched pair of SVS-Ultra subwoofers to provide adequate bass that transparently links up with the Klipsch bass so that it seems the deep sounds are coming from the direction of the Klipsch speaker that is playing the associated harmonics. A very cool experience in these days of full range 5.1 (and above) mixing. -HornEd

PS: If I had your rig, I would be looking to put Cornwalls, LaScalas or better as left, right and center mains and use the four Heresys as side/surrounds and rear effects in a 7.1 system. Okay, so you upgrade the amps and pick up an adequate sub (something that hits the Dolby Digital minimum for professional theaters - 121.5 dB at 20Hz). Originally, the Heresy was designed by PWK to be a center channel speaker for larger Heritage corners on the Bell Labs "three channel stereo" that Mr. Paul treasured 'till his dying day.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions. Since I've

first posted...I won an ebay bid for a set of Heresy's and

a set of 84 Cornwall's. Heresy's should arrive today!

Rereading thru the above posts...The Cornwall's would be

L/R fronts, pair of Heresy's for L/R Rear Surrounds...now

What should I do with the remaining pair of Heresy's??? With dimension's of the room and placement of furniture etc...

Sitting in the center of the room looking toward the front...The plasma is mounted aprox 4ft off the floor

and goes across the left corner of the room. Left front

cornwall will be under it. There could be one heresy placed

as Front/Center speaker and then Cornwall in the Right Front


The only remaining place to put a center speaker is along

the left center wall as you are looking to the front and this would place the speaker directly behind the main sitting area. Should I place the other Heresy there?

Or possibly hook up both Heresy's in parallel placed center

on the left wall behind the main sitting area??? Also thinking sub woofers...which I have just one...which I know needs to be replaced....There would be room to place 1 or 2 subwoofers under the L/R Rear Surrounds. Planning on mounting the Rear Heresy's on Omnimounts approx 2ft off the floor in the corners.

Thanks again for any suggestions.

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Well after reading thru most of the posts I could find

on this forum and reviews on the internet...decided to

order a single SVS Ultra and amp this weekend. Also going with the port reduction to retune it down to 16hz...and Tom mentioned that with the size of my room I could expect to get 12-14 hz. Kinda nervous about ordering something without having a chance to listen first...but after the E-Bay thing with the Heresy's and Cornwalls...it's getting easier:)

Which by the way I'm expecting the Cornwalls in by beginning of next week and the Heresy's that just came in are being refinished to a Stickley antique cherry to match my existing furniture. What I thought were some pretty bad scratches and marks in the veneer as it turns out were not that bad and can be repaired...but I must say not cheaply:)

Now it's just waiting for it to all to show up,

setup and going! Thanks again for everyone's input. Is there a good resource to read....one that can help in fine tuning all this equipment...once I get it? Lots of discussion here about listening levels, decibels

sound meters, speaker placement, frequency cutoffs etc...but how do you know youv'e got it setup right...is there a logical approach to all of this that will get me going in the right direction or are you always destined to be tinkering with it to try and get it right:) I know

that some of it is going to be personal preference....

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bhawk, w/ that 307 you have flexibility (or stressful options 6.gif) galore. i have basically the same w/ the ref 30 & b&k 7270 power amp we can give you some general guidance but when it comes down to it, the settings that sound overall best to you w/ your room, your tastes, your material, your specific equipment & source material is what matters. iow, some experimentation is most likely needed.

to utilize all your stuff w/ the space you have i'd use one heresy for the center positioned so that the horns are nearer the screen & the woofer farther away. iow, if above the tv then turn it upside down.

then use that other heresy for the rear surround "6th" channel. should be directly behind your head in the sweet spot, but still should be better than nothing.

that's a great sub. & wish i could fit my cornwalls up front. on the amp for the ultra, not sure if it has a crossover control, but if it does disable it or turn it all the way up to 120hz or higher. you have all the controls you need for that in the b&k.

in the 307, after of course doing the speaker levels & distances settings, i'd start by setting all the speaks to small, crossover at 60hz, & both high & low slopes to 12db/octave. also sub to "yes thx" & phase to normal. but again these are just starting points.

the 307 also has a notch filter to take out some of a worst peak caused by room node. there's bound to be at least one. you'll definitely need a sound meter. that notch filter has a freq sweeper all the way down to 20hz.

only a quick start here that covers some basics. the 307 manual is pretty thorough i think, though it may leave out some scenarios. sort of like written by a tech person. let us know if any questions.

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