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What sub or two


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Looking for some sub advice.   Current system

 Rc 64 center

Rf 63 front

Rs 62 surrounds 

Rf 62 rears

So what sub or 2.   Room is large 16 x 50. Half for home theater half for game room. Currently  have a klipsch  10 sub looking for an upgrade

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Sounds like a great set of speakers you've got there. As for the subs for your room, definitely get at least 2 if you can swing it. This is so that you can distribute the bass more evenly throughout the room. As for which subs to get, this will depend on your budget and how much you are willing to invest in subs. At a minimum, I would aim for 2 x SPL-150 subs from Klipsch. These are relatively affordable 15 inch subs. Or even the older 115 subs if you can find them are willing to go with the older model. But there are better subs that dig lower and provide more output if you are willing to spend more, such as the SVS PB16 for example. Then there's also the JTR Captivator RS2 subs that @Youthman recently upgraded to... I don't have any personal experience with other subs besides the SPL-150's that I currently own, so hopefully others will recommend some other powerful options for you to consider. 

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