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I'm Massimo, or Max, and this is my first post.

I've joined this community having bought my first ever pair of Klipsch loudspeakers - Heresy IIIs. The rest of my system is a rega P2 TT with Dynavector P75 IV phono stage, an Esoteric K-07xs CDP and a PrimaLuna EVO 100 amp. Mono-wired speaker cables are Van Damme HiFi shotgun 2 x 2.5mm2. I left the Heresys' metal plate jumpers in place. More about this in a short while. 


The journey that brought me here was long, complex, costly, time-wasting and Homer could have sung about it. Suffice it to say that I spent most of my better hearing years in the Naim ecosystem, with the result of usually spending more time in front of the bookshelf trying to choose what to play than actually listening to CDs. I have also tried - after accurately studying the matter - SSD-based network streaming for a couple of years, to resume CD replay. My system is now globally American/English/Australian/Belgian/Dutch-Chinese/Japanese/Italian, so am I a citizen of the world or what? 🙂


I found this Community trying to scratch the last remaining itch of audio nuttiness in search of an answer about whether it was worth replacing the H.'s stock metal jumpers with 'dedicated' cable ones I happen to have; after a while I felt really stupid, so I took my multimeter and did the only thing I could that wasn't judging by ear - I hate options: I measured the mildly posh cable jumpers' resistance and the stock metal ones'. Identical. 0.07 ohms for a couple of inches' length. That was that.


I'm just here to say hello, there's another guy around who didn't stop in front of 'reviews' and wanted to listen with his ears. I am very happy with my Klipsch and, most of all, I am very happy to be happy with technologies dating to when I was 4 or thereabouts. In this wreck of a world, there's still something good which hasn't been destroyed.


A happy Sunday to all,






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thanks for your welcome. My Heresys are actually IIIs not IVs but they're a joy to the ears nonetheless. BTW, I've always had a penchant for sealed enclosures.

Congrats for the number and quality of your systems.


Enjoy you too



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8 hours ago, Weltfaul said:

Thanks to all!


Tareheel, I love the George Burns quotation. Is he the small great guy who had quarrels with Walther Matthau about the 'Doctor routine'? 🙂



May have been from the movie "Sunshine Boys" with both starring.


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