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FS: Custom Klipsch and B&C KPT-535


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As much as it pains me I'm putting my custom kpt 535 system up for sale. Included is the top half of the 535 which is the klipsch kpt402 mated to the 1133 driver for mids, klipsch k501 mated to the k69 driver for the tweeter and the woofer section consists of dual b&c 15tbw100's per speaker. Also included is a minidsp  2x8 digital crossover in a custom 1ru chassis with all balanced connections, 1 qsc plx 3002 amp for the woofers and 2 qsc rmx 850 amps for the top section. The woofer cabinets are tuned to 33hz and are made from baltic birch plywood covered in cherry veneer. The woofers are still under warranty. I have well over $6000 in this setup. I'm asking $4500 local pickup only from area code 46706. As the point of selling this is to go smaller I will consider a partial trade for a pair of lascalas and an even trade for a pair of danley sh50's. These are the only 2 speakers I'm interested in. Lastly I will not separate this package, it is all or none it is pretty much plug and play. Feel free to pm me with any questions

link to B&C woofer specs and price

B&C 15TBW100 15" Professional Woofer 8 Ohm (parts-express.com)

I have had a couple of questions about the woofer bottom cabinets. They are 28 inches deep x 23 inches wide x 38 inches high. I built them using 12ply baltic birch and then veneered them in grade a cherry. The cherry veneer in natural with 3 coats of oil based poly. they have a few small scratches here and there. They weigh with the woofers around 150 pounds and are ported out the back using 6 inch ports. 

Lastly the mindsp is programed at 33-450hz for the low, 450-6000 for the mid and 6000 up for the tweeter with linkwitz riley 24db slopes . The nice thing about this setup is you can tweak the crossover all you want and store different setting to try on the fly.  The tops connect to the bottom cabinet with screws. The front grill is held in place with magnets





left speaker.jpg

right speaker.jpg

left woofer.jpg

right woofer.jpg

tag 1.jpg

tag 2.jpg




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