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Current pricing/value of Mahogany or Black KLF30 speakers


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Despite selling my KLF30 years ago...I am tempted again to add a set!

I have a line on a set with matching serial numbers,  EXC in black. Also a set of mahogany EXC with the serial numbers off by a few.

I am attracted to the mahogany finish...but the serial numbers may be a deal breaker unless the price is right..

Just curious on the going rate in the midwest on each finish.

Thanks, Dan

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It’s all going to boil down to what is available in your area, that will dictate price. You aren’t going to touch the KLF 30 for anything in that price range when going new, Chorus II, CF-3 and 4, and Cornwall are the only full range Klipsch that will compete with them without adding subs.

The prices of everything on the used market has followed suit with the latest retail escalation of the brand. To me, everything Klipsch currently sells…as far as the Heritage line is vastly overpriced.

To find KLF 30 in excellent condition, you are going to be hard pressed to find a deal right now. $1000 seems to be low end on the asking prices

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Thanks for the input. The mahogany finish is interesting to me. The finish on them looks great, but with the serial numbers being a few off... I wasn't sure where a fair price would be. With the black finish, I agree it doesn't matter much


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I've seen KLF 30s go for 500-800 only a few years ago but those times are becoming a thing of the past. I think we have to face that our days of finding higher series Klipsch at a reasonable prices is going by the wayside. People are simply paying more for heritage, CF, and legend models due to the new Klipsch pricing trickling down. Cornwalls are now regularly going for 1200, Heresys for 600, LaScalas 2k+. Occasionally you get the occasional deal, but its becoming much harder to find. 


I would say if you can get them under 800 its a good deal. Ive seen 2 sets go for 1200 each lately in STL. 

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