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What to do about Lunch


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7 hours ago, rplace said:


I see what you did there. He/She may already be high as well as flying. Very few posts make much sense to me and I read them over and over trying to decipher. I thought maybe Amsterdam was "section" of Chicago or surrounding burbs and I was unaware of it. Seems to me though that the intent of AD/Amsterdam/A-dam is in fact the country many thousands of miles from Chicago.  Read original post again, am I the one missing something?

Not to put, too fine a point on it, the Avatar.

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6 hours ago, billybob said:

Not to put, too fine a point on it, the Avatar.


For sure I got the owl/flying part. That is why I said "I see what you did there". I was guessing at the possibility high to go along with flying.


Getting stale at this point. WCircle is still the best all around Chicago lunch experience. Nothing I read by OP seems to make sense. I'll wait for my decoder ring to show up.

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On 8/26/2021 at 4:42 PM, Coytee said:


If you find yourself in town and the timing works out....  there are a handful of nice places to go.  


Some of my favorites, in no specific order:


1.  I don't even know the name, but a mexican place next to the highway (I-75 north/south)

2.  Pizza joint in west Knoxville

3.  Comfort type food (excellent fried chicken if that's your bag) in downtown Knoxville....more of a lunch place than dinner (closes early)

4.  Calhouns, nice local bbq type place

5.  Couple other odds/ends.  We even have the required McDonalds if you really must have their fries with ketchup.

Just got off the phone with my brother in Nashville

He had nothing but good things to say about Knoxville

up and coming city

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To paraphrase Scarlet

Tomorrow was another day, in fact it was today


I picked up my friend who just worked 24 days straight, he is a butcher in a grocery, apparently it's hard to find people who want to work in IL right now.


And we headed off into the country 30 miles west here to a little family restaurant in Sandwich IL.

Like many today they open only for breakfast and lunch, avoiding the need to staff 2 shifts and the killer hours for the owners.

Very high quality, very clean, very appealing standard American fare in an immaculate small setting.

We were served 2 very good breakfasts exactly as ordered, hot and perfect.


Corn is 8ft in Dekalb and surrounding Counties and the soy is 3ft tall, beautiful farm after farm.

Driving back into the densely populated burbs was something of a let down the further we came.


I don't think I would fly in for lunch, but if your near Sandwich or shopping at the near by Winding Creek Nursery, a nice place to eat.


Excellence deserves recognition




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On 8/26/2021 at 3:56 PM, Bubo said:

I live 30 miles outside of Chicago but Sao Paulo is an endless supply of great restaurants

ADam has some great places too, especially indonesian


So, around Aurora, Oswego, Sandwich, or closer in? North or south?

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15 hours ago, Marvel said:


around Aurora, Oswego,

If it were practical, I would be further out, how far not sure

My cash cow has to be fed and milked regularly

no remote control for that one.

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Good day for a ride past beautiful farm, after beautiful  farm

Giant Wind Turbines turning off in the horizon to the West......

So off I went to visit my friend at his place south of Samanauk


Passed fields recently flattened, probably a tornado that only leveled corn.

Corn and soy look great everywhere, even though we are behind in rain.


Not far from his place, a farm's Hay stack (large concrete open roof enclosure) caught fire

apparently the hay generates it's own heat, and combusts occasionally.

Probably why the bunker was well away from all structures, took 2-3 days to put it out.


Chicago area food chain Jewell, had Rib Eyes and NY strips for sale, best price this year

Ended up with 2 Rib eyes on the grill Montreal dry rub, local sweet corn best so far, and our vegetable of choice guacamole with chips, enhanced with a diced plum tomato and some cilantro.


One of the signs (1ftx1ft)  I passed nailed to a phone poll was touting "local beef direct from the farmer"

With the meat packer near monopoly, production bottle necks, CV-19 shutdowns, and the farmers generally getting screwed on their prices .........


I expect to see far more of this, farmer direct. One of the States is ramming through a "small scale" 10,000 pigs per day, industrial packing plant that will be owned by the farmers in the state, perhaps some kind of coop.


As to the farmers selling cattle direct (grass fed est 1500lbs I think they call this kind feeders), I think the laws prevent them from killing and butchering. But there are a number of Meat Lockers, typically used for deer hunters, who will perform the service if you buy the cow. Even a quarter cow is a lot of beef. Either 4 families go in, or some kind of bulletin board to sign up for a quarter. Who gets the t-bones and which ones should be interesting in a 4 way split....


My friend loaded up on the Rib Eyes, his fav, so it will be those for a while.


Although the people out in the rural areas tend to have less, they seem to me to be generally happier and friendlier than the burbs or city........


Another Day, another meal......



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Nice day yesterday, so I picked up my new grad Daughter and headed off to Dekalb for Lunch.


Un-official speed limit on the Tollway is now 80 mph, posted 70.

Dekalb has become something of a distribution center, with some giant warehouses there

Facebook just completed a giant date center there, not a lot of jobs, but $800 million invested, monolithic building in a field.


Ended up at a Mexican restaurant with outdoor seating under a tree, good meal. My fav Mex place near me died from CV-19, so the search continues

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Sat.. Went West (old man) into the country to BBQ with a friend

weather and temp are beautiful.


Farmers have begun harvesting the corn, regret not bringing my camera

Something about the harvest is magic.

Lots of very dry days,

increases the sell price of corn with lower moisture content.


We started discussing the price of commodities

we checked the Gold price and decided

today is a good day to buy

So lunch was put on hold

and we headed off to Rockford

Formerly a high value add aerospace manufacturing center

now suffering a slow death, with the increase in potholes

marking the decline in commerce and employment.



Near the coin shop is a Audio restoration and repair shop, that does beautiful work.

They have lots of museum quality rebuilds for sale.


Sound Classic



Manufacturer: PIONEER
Model: SX-1980
Condition: (8.5-9.4) Excellent
Price $ 5995

WOW! THE HOLY GRAIL!!! 1979 Pioneer SX-1980 Stereo Receiver. Rated at 270 Watts RMS/ch into 8 Ohms. It has been Fully Recertified, Recapped and Restored w/ all LED Lamp Mods and New Power Supply Board, Comes with our One Year Restoration Parts and Labor Warranty and Certificate of Recertification that it meets or exceeds the Manufactures Original Specs. Requires Special Shipping. Ex.Cond 8.9


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