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College Football 2021


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Joey Kaufman, sports writer for the Columbus Dispatch tweeted this today:  Ohio State reports that 220 of its athletes have earned a combined $2.98 million through 608 reported NIL deals.  "All 3 figures rank #1 Nationally, according to Opendorse," it adds in a news release


Kauffman also had this to say.  "OSU this next year will be very interesting regarding NIL. The University released a statement saying that they initially purposely made it very restrictive for donors and corporations to work with OSU athletes and still this was the result. With an entire NIL Edge team being created that will help and assist athletes with NIL deals on behalf of the OSU brand what will it be next year? The Schottenstein family creating a NIL donor foundation for the recruiting side can really become a power house. OSU brand +corporate Columbus. Bright future."  


Here we go!  :)  I'm sittin hard on my gold card!  






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Welllllll, I think it's time for him to move on but if he doesn't do it now it might not happen. 


They finally had a decent year and everyone's happy. 


His recruiting isn't the best and he knows it. 


This year he had a veteran team but he knows that OSU is gonna gel next year. 


Losing a team to the NFL & graduation won't help. 


blue is gonna have a tougher time recruiting with a new coach but that could be a positive thing too. 


How many will hit the portal if he leaves? 


Another rebuilding year for a new coach will drive the fan base crazy.  A new coach could help too.  That remains to be seen.


I know the entire family and the kids.  His dad w/Bo for years, John, Jim and their lil sister.  Great people but John's the coach not Jim. 


The timing was right for the Uni after Jimbo got canned.  Former NFL coach now back home?  Perfect and the Uni shelled out major dollars on a "come card."  Ya NEVER bet on a come card when you gamble. 


I think he'll walk cause he knows what the future will be in Ann Arbor.  Yea, they had a good season this year.  Finally!  They beat OSU and played some ball.  


Harbs is WAAAAAY OCD that's why he responds the way he does.  He's always thinking about the next question in both his pressers and daily life.  He can't respond properly to the initial question cause he's focused on the next one.  He's always been that way.  He's still a coach.  Always ready with the next play or two and thinks that way.  Jack was always like that in high school.  He was a baller and taught his kids the same way.  


Great family though and whatever happens I wish him the best.  Simple.

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On 2/2/2022 at 10:09 AM, EmilC said:

Don't have Jimmy to kick around anymore.

Smart move. He peaked.

Go out on top




Fake news. Don't believe everything you see online



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