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Need Some Input - Did I get Duped?


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3 hours ago, RandyH said:

let's continue with your reasoning  ,  I can easily imagine you listening to  ALK or Crites or DeanG  cloned klipsch designs  , and not know which is the real deal  Versus  new  klipsch capacitors ,  oh darn  ,  it's only dressing :rolleyes:-


Absolutely true. I won't disagree with that. When I got my '89 LS, they had AL crossovers in them. I won't go so far as to say they were unlistenable, but not up to snuff.


A pair of ALKs were loaned to me (not his extreme slope), while I built a set of the John Albright designed DHA2 crossovers. I now use those crossovers in the beater LS I put back together (K-33, EV 1828R on K-400, eminence apt-50 on eminence 150 horn). Right or wrong, they soung right.


[Actually have MWMs hooked up instead of K-33, and the driver/horn from a KP-3002 as a tweeter]

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I have the impression that this thread is somewhat unfortunate. And it shows how responsible one should be on the Internet, but better from my point of view might have been the phone than the keyboard. However the misunderstanding arose, it is logical and clear that there can be no sonicaps at the price of the crossover. 

I would not get involved in such a subject if I were not one of those who had come to appreciate Bob and Michael Crites work so much.


I got to meet father and son in person in 2009, in Hope at a Jubilee meeting with Roy. I was very taken with both of them, their personalities, their expertise and their absolute sincerity in all things.
Shortly after that personal meeting, I became their customer. First an AA/A Network, switchable. Then Ct125. In 2013 came a passive crossover for my Jubilees along with Faital HF200 drivers. Although they come from Italy I could not order a 16 ohm version here in Europe, Bob sent them to me at a very reasonable price.
Even though I now use other caps than Sonicaps with the Heritage series and have returned to the K77, I was always very happy with Crites and I got what I wanted, straightforward and fast.

The network for the Jubilees is extremely amazing. Here is a photo from the net but mine look exactly the same and they sound great.




After Bob passed away, RIP, I have purchased products from Michael Crites this year to my complete satisfaction, e.g. Atlas diaphragms for my K55V.

My suggestion to the topic opener would be, please post also the positive news, e.g. if you should have agreed with Michael in some way.

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On 9/10/2021 at 8:11 PM, wvu80 said:

May I gently take issue here, Claude?  Start with the presupposition that I have the highest regard for you personally and your solid opinions.


I don't have a dog in this fight so I consider myself neutral.  I know the Crites company by its stellar reputation and I don't know the OP at all.


What I read in Post 1 was the OP was NOT trying to tear down Crites.  He did not mention the company by name and he seem surprised that after he posted a picture everyone knew who the builder was.  As you said, all the posters here are knowledgeable and honest.  We can have disagreements on various topics but the replies here were honest IMO.


My take was that the OP had a legitimate concern over a technical issue based on what he read on Crites website.  He posted a topic here looking for feedback.  I give the OP as well as the Crites company the benefit of the doubt.  Both were acting in good faith and as I read more and saw some of the responses from Crites it seemed to me, as others have suggested, that there was not a meeting of the minds. 


It further looks like both sides are trying to find a fair resolution that is mutually agreeable.  That's what I would expect from a fair customer and a great company.


I think the Klipsch forum members in this thread have offered great perspective and advice.  I applaud the OP for having an open mind, I equally applaud Crites for offering some fair options.  I don't see any ill intent on the part of either party.  That's just the view of a neutral third party.


Thanks in advance Claude for giving my comments a look.  Whether or not we end up agreeing or disagreeing on the intent of the OP I feel sure we'll still be forum friends.  :cool: 



I am not looking to get on the internet and bad mouth anyone… I did contact builder before posting and at the time I posted I was only give one option to pay and additional $300 to have caps replaced. 

This is my first go round with passive networks. I have been running DSP for active 48db LR slopes, PEQ and Time alignment. That has made for very very flat speakers but I wanted to se what they would do passive. 

I can see that these guys are well loved around here and wanted some feedback on how to proceed with out calling builder out directly.  I also didn’t want to prejudice anyone by saying it was from a particular builder in order to get some honest feedback on how to proceed. 

I was legitimately very surprised to see that brand of capacitor from that builder based on his website description. I thought the Daytons were considered low grade / low cost caps and was like what the heck ?!?! 

Again, I didn’t make Builder send me a BOM listing everything component by part number so I own that but was also led astray by the verbiage on his web saying that they only use brand “x” and in there FAQ page even mention not to use lower cost caps bc of some value. 


I am not a hard core analog techie and cleatly don’t have a good concept of costs….  I asked builder to see me a set of 2 way CS500 crossovers but he would not do so unless I bought the entire Type D kit. I already had woofers from a member here and K510 Mumps horns and faital driver that ChrisA recommended so I didn’t want to go the route of buying woofers and horns all over again just to get the XO. 

I asked builder to build a XO that a member here drew out for me but they didn’t accept that as a “safe” design. So, I then contacted Solen design service and they had me send some in room sweeps, near field sweeps, and the manufacturers specs / sweeps. They drew the XO shown in OP and quoted 336 shipped to build a pair on a PC board using all Solen parts. They sent a complete BOM and the drawings above. 

I sent that same drawing to the builder in question to get a competitive quote. Builder came back with $315 shipped but did not supply a BOM just an invoice.


In hindsight I suppose I could have looked up all of the sonicap values but I just looked at builders “kit” prices on his website and it seems in line…. My line of thinking was that if his 2 way was $275 that $300 seemed reasonable. The CS500 listed at $275 and use 2 auto transformer, SonicCaps, inductors plus small parts and labour. 

I will 100% ask any builder going forward to spec more throughly but honestly never even considered it given website verbiage. 





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17 hours ago, bribassguy said:

I asked builder to see me a set of 2 way CS500 crossovers but he would not do so unless I bought the entire Type D kit.


Went through the same situation...had the drivers but needed a network.

There is reason they do that which escapes me. 

I have a friend with split type D's, so I cheated.

I built a pair of CS500s myself, and Crites did sell some necessary parts like the autoformer and woofer inductor.


In hindsight, I should have just saved my cash and bought the type D kit from Crites.

I would have saved money in the long run, instead of buying  bit by bit.


If I were you I would have went the Solen route.

It seemed they put a bit of time/research into the idea.

And they do have a higher range of capacitors other than the common black taped metal polypropylenes.

It may had cost a bit more of course.


Take the networks you have, and swap out the 8.2uF capacitor for your polypropylene flavor of choice.




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