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klipsch cinema 1200 what problems, software flaws, glitches?


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On 12/1/2022 at 11:01 AM, KevinB said:

I understood you to say your soundbar was completely dead?


Let us know how the firmware update goes. I hope you got the link directly from Klipsch.

I got the firmware from Klipsch. MCU106 and WIFI209. This doesn't work, when I log into the soundbar from a browser i get a firmware up to date notice and the plug in the thumb drive and hold power doesn't yield any results. I can't get the upgrade on the LED display because it is dead. I can still connect through the app. Which is why I was saying the backend is active and the front end is dead. I really wish I had a functional block diagram and a schematic so I could do some signal tracing but I'm sure that might void a warranty or two.

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43 minutes ago, sbcoffey42 said:

I got the firmware from Klipsch. MCU106 and WIFI209

There is also DSP firmware...


I hope Klipsch provided detailed instructions showing how to complete the firmware update?


44 minutes ago, sbcoffey42 said:

when I log into the soundbar from a browser i get a firmware up to date notice

That is what I have noticed. Do not use the web interface to update your firmware.


47 minutes ago, sbcoffey42 said:

I can't get the upgrade on the LED display because it is dead.

Have you verified that you cannot enable the LED display from your remote or using your Klipsch Connect app? 


If your LED display is completely dead you need to notify Klipsch. The LED display is needed to manually install firmware updates. It may be possible to complete a firmware update without the LED display working but it would be a hit or miss attempt.


Have you read the Cinema 1200 Knowledge Base articles?


See Cinema 1200 - How to Check Firmware Versions. I realize this may be problematic if your LED display is non-functional. You may be able to use the web interface to verified the installed firmware versions. These are the current versions reported in that link:

  • MCU v106 > 
  • WIFI > 
  • DSP 5.0 > 
  • SUR T 82 > 
  • SUR R 82 > 
  • SUR L 82 > 
  • SUB T 03 > 
  • SUB R 06 > 
  • HDMI 43

The Cinema 1200 - "PLS UP DSP" Message Knowledge Base article describes how to update your DSP firmware.


I hope this information helps...

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  • 2 months later...

Ciao a tutti, ho recentemente klipsch 1200. Ho controllato i valori del firmware attualmente ho: Versione firmware MCU: MCUfw_76 Versione firmware HDMI: 42 Versione firmware DSP: 4.4 Versione Sub RX: 06 Versione Sub TX: 03 Versione Surr TX: 79 Firmware surround sinistro: non disponibile Firmware surround destro: non disponibile. Ora ho provato ad aggiornare andando sul sito. https://support.klipsch.com/hc/en-us/articles/6733616086292-Cinema-1200-Updating-Older-Firmware.the bar is giving me problems right now it doesn't respond anymore you have commands and it restarts. I managed to see the values after the update now I have dsp 5.4 and mcu 118. but the soundbar is giving me problems. I ask you for help how to restore the old firmware again?

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Thanks Kevin for replying. I opened a ticket to klipsch I hope to have an answer soon. Isn't there a way to reset the soundbar? Some procedure to do I don't know 😥. Now it's unusable it doesn't respond you have commands it restarts me. Purchased a month ago, what a disaster. A thousand thanks.

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3 hours ago, Pakoss said:

Isn't there a way to reset the soundbar?

Have you read the Cinema 1200 Knowledge Base articles? That's the best place for information.


There were a couple of other articles about updating your firmware but they are gone now. Klipsch tends to do a lot of that. 😞


When you finally install the latest firmware successfully the soundbar will update the firmware on its own as long as it has an Internet connection. I don't remember if it is the latest WIFI oe MCU firmware that will do it. The instructions in the missing articles say to leave the soundbar connected to the Internet and it should get the remaining updates within 72 hours.


If you have the latest DSP, MCU, amd WIFI, you can do a manual firmware update otherwise leave it  for 72 hours and see if it updates itself.



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Thanks Kevin for the reply. However I managed to update manually now I have this version

Release status: Cinema_r1.0.218

Device version:

MCU version: 118

DSP version: 5.4

HDMI version: 42

SUB RX version: 06

SUB TX version: 03

SURR RX version: 82

SURR TX version: 82

the only thing that hasn't updated is HDMI 42 i don't know why. What could I try to do? Thanks again

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4 hours ago, Pakoss said:

the only thing that hasn't updated is HDMI 42 i don't know why. What could I try to do?

Leave it for 3 days and see if it updates itself. If it doesn't, contact Klipsch Product support. They should be able to advise you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Purchased he Klipsch Cinema 1200 a week a go. So far I am disappointed with the product. Coming from separates, the sound is ok for a sound bar I guess... My big complaint is that after spending a few hours following the firmware update procedure, my bar wont turn on. I have to unplug it and plug it back in. All the firmware updates were done and correspond to the ones Klipsch have on the firmware update site. There is only one showing HDMI 42 instead of HDMI 43.

In my extensive tests... I noticed if I unplug the surrounds, the system will power on/off correctly. I reinstalled the manual firmware update for the surrounds, issue still there. Any ideas? Already opened a ticket.

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Hi everybody.Im writing from Germany and im the proud owner of a Cinema 1200.In the past i used the German Manufacturer TEUFEL for Music and Movies and decided to try something new.Got my soundbar 2 days ago.Unboxed and connected everything.Bar was freezing,not connecting right,remote wasnt responding to adjust volume level.Read this topic and started with diving on the Klipsch Support site also in the forums.We dont have that much german forums or informations about klipsch products.Tryed a lot of things.And now im done with my adventure of updates and fixes.wanna share my experience with you guys.I follow the steps of the following link.




I must say,all works fine.FOLLOW the steps shown in the description.I use my soundbar with a digital optical cable.NOT HDMI (have a philips 4k tv where the eARC has bugs,not possible to update the firmware right.)


i know that i cant use the atmos feature over toslink.Later when we buy a new TV then i will try it again.


so good luck with the updates.its simple.would be kind if i get some feedback about positive success.

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On 2/18/2023 at 3:10 AM, Ronny S. said:

i know that i cant use the atmos feature over toslink.

You are correct but Dolby Atmos can be streamed over HDMI ARC if your TV supports Dolby Digital +, despite what Klipsch says in their knowledge base articles about requiring HDMI eARC.


If you have an Apple TV or similar device capable of providing Dolby Atmos you can connect it to your soundbar using the HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 inputs and enjoy Dolby Atmos that way.


I have my devices attached directly to my soundbar and not to my TV. 

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One thing,cant find the cinema 1200 on my iphone airplay.tryed to stream music over airplay but theres no device listed on my airplay.The soundbar is connected on the same wifi.Can open the klipsch app ,control the soundbar and do modifications.any idea?will check on the weekend my router settings.


To your answere about direct hdmi connection, i use a amazon fire tv cube 4k.will try to connect it also directly to the bar.let you know about it.

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On the Weekend i will try to open ports for the cinema on my router.may i can figure out where‘s the airplay problem.Keep you guys informed.cant understand that a high quality soundbar like the klipsch prodcts are not able to program the software that it works when they arrive at the customer.Other cheaper products working well.Also some japanese or chinese audio devices.And if they know about issues they fix it.

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Hi ,


today i updated my Surround Speakers on the Bar.All works fine.What i also did i,opened ports for the bar in my router ,and now i see my bar in the apple home app.Connected via airplay on my iphone,plays all music.


Changed my HDMI connections as you described,also all good.


Will test everything during the weekend.So guys try to play a little bit with all the updates given on the KLIPSCH site, step by step.Its sad that KLIPSCH cant provide a full working all-in-one update but for the 1st ,i think that way is also successfull.


good luck

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