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It is funny because it is true. When I got the HLS installed I found every loose item in my house. The best thing that happened was I had a sputnik style light installed but some of the bulbs were out. When I cranked up the sub it vibrated all the filaments together and the bulbs came back on. Sadly if I want all the bulbs to light I gotta really crank the sub.. I could replace the bulbs but where is the fun in that.

@Chief bonehead



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5 hours ago, NBPK402 said:

In my last house we had a PSA Triax sub with 3 woofers...it seperated the hardwood floor from the wall. We went from no gap to over 1/4" of a gap.


Pretty much can not happen here 🙃. All the woods are screwed deep into the brick wall, it would require pretty violent vibration to separate them from the walls 😂

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