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Want to know when your Klipsch speakers were made? Click here!


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1 hour ago, oldgearguy said:

ok I apologize in advance, i,ve read the serial decoding info you have, but i have a number that seem to not fit in any sequence, a heresy 126w124,or at least, i'm not smart enough to figure it out, Thanks in advance 

Welcome to the Forum. Post a pick of label and we can help you.

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On 12/25/2022 at 9:14 AM, oldgearguy said:


you may want to open , the rear panel of your Heresy Speakers and check whether the speakers have  the K-55V  midrange drivers with the Solder lugs  or  whether you have the  K-55V with push pin terminals   or any other midrange driver ,  the  rarer solder lug  K-55V drivers were installed  in some Heresy speakers in 1981   .

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On 3/10/2023 at 7:59 PM, Paul Rowell said:

Want to know when my speakers were made. Serial number 74T 467

That’s what the link at the top of this post is for.  Just click the link and scroll down in it and look for when a speaker with a T in the serial number was made.  👍

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9 minutes ago, donaldsonp said:

The only number I can find on my heresys is #059 written on the label of one speaker and #061 on the other label. I can't see any other serial numbers on there. I can't post a picture either due to size restrictions 


There are lots of apps that let you reduce the size of a picture so that they're under the 2mb maximum that the forum allows.

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2 hours ago, wokbelly1 said:

I hope someone knows when my La Scalas Industrials where made i only have a 4 digit serial number i have pictures of them but the files are to big to post  they are 1369 & 1370

 1st guess would be late 70's ,closer to 1979  the speakers should have K-77 round magnets , AA crossover -K-55V  mids drivers   

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