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Any advice for a pair of 1983 Heresy I speakers I just picked up?

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After many years of yard sale-ing, asking "Did he have any amplifiers that he never turned off?" at estate sales, and craigslist hunting for deals on vintage Klipsch gear, I finally scored a set of Heresy speakers for a very good price over my lunch break. I can now sonically believe in a town called "Hope".


They're vintage 1983 based on the 163Y serial number. Does that mean that they're the 163,XXX Heresy speakers built? I think I'm reading that correctly.


The cabinets aren't in perfect condition, but neither are they horrible. The grills are missing their logos and I definitely want to replace them. The paper ID stickers are long gone.


They sounded "OK". Nothing is obviously blown. The seller was driving them with his phone over Bluetooth to a rather cheap receiver and they were connected with thin, cheap speaker wire, so I wasn't expecting a whole lot. I will check for corrosion and cap condition on the crossovers when I get home. I doubt they've been replaced, but you never know. 


Does anyone have any sage words of wisdom/guidance for my next steps?



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They're notoriously picky about placement - separation, toe in, tilt back, distance from walls and corners.  Experimentation IS required as a couple inches can make a big difference.  Don't raise them very far off the floor.


Future??? recap, new horn diaphragms, and a sub.  While they're opened up, some seal the seams, some add bracing.  


The serial numbers should be stamped on the back edge and will lead you to the manufacturing date.

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Ensure that the back panel fits tightly and has no air leaks.  Air leaks can have a bad effect on the bass response, so much so that from the Heresy II on, the back panel is permanently installed, and all access to the components is through the front.  The woofer does leave a big hole when it’s removed, so that works out fine.


If you remove the backs to check everything inside, if the weatherstrip is not fairly fresh and in perfect shape, be sure to clear off any old weatherstrip and replace it with new closed-cell Neoprene stripping.  That should take care of the air leak issue.


Other than that, use at least 14 AWG speaker wire, set your Heresys a few inches above the floor, tilted back a bit, and enjoy!


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