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For Sale: Klipsch Pro Speakers


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Selling my Klipsch Pro KP-320s with KP-115-SW bass bins and single KP-301. Used as center and rear channels in my home theater for a few years. Crossovers recapped in 2019 as well as @Dave A  v1 horn in the 301. Asking $2,000 obo in metro Detroit, MI area.



Group Photo.jpg




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1 hour ago, Outrider 6 said:

These look to be in great shape.  GLWS.


As I am hopelessly curious…. 

What did you use for your front channel speakers?

Assuming you are upgrading, what will replace the units you’re selling?

KPT 456s eventually replaced with Danley SH-50s. Subs are a set of Lab-12s. I'm sure I'll sell those at some point, just haven't posted them yet.


I moved for work and new house doesn't have the space to set them all up.


I've nothing in mind for replacement yet, keeping my eye out for something more realistic in size and similar sound quality.

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The 301 is as close to a home style speaker as 301's get and the only way to beat this one is with raw plywood you could stain. Square corners, no handles or guards and last time I saw this one in perfect shape. Likewise the 320's and 115's and all of these went to some guy in Birmingham AL originally where they never left his house and were never abused. You will not find better condition examples.

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That was quite the set-up.  I have cobbled together some ersatz KP-450s with Dave A’s help.  (He had some 450 HF sections for sale.). These serve as mains in the basement, where WAF has the least impact on my decision-making.

I’ve been told that the 456 is so much the better than the 450 (which I really enjoy) due to its improved HF section.  So I’m on the hunt for 456s now… or maybe just bigger horns for the 904 bass bins.



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