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White sticker coming loose


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My new-to-me Chorus IIs came with scotch tape applied at wild angles over the edges of this manufacturer info sticker, which my sensibility required me to remove - is there any mess-less way to secure this, or should I just rip the whole thing off? (My series-I Fortes still have theirs intact).


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If they will come completely off, I would get a good, high resolution scan of them. Even 600 dpi would be fine, but 1200 would be great for archiving. Then, if the originals get messed up or too faded, you could have reproductions printed.

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Try this to remove the adhesive sticker intact:


You need: Gloves, rag, near-boiling water, plastic wrap.


Soak the rag in the very hot water. Wrap in the plastic wrap. Hold against the sticker for a minute. Test for release. Reapply if necessary.


You could also skip the rag and pour the water directly into a ziplock bag. Lay your speaker face-down and rest the "hot water bottle" on the sticker as above.

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