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Inherited 6 La Scalas - Need some assistance please

Ed Wolinski

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On 2/6/2023 at 8:47 AM, Ed Wolinski said:

Will def get back to you on this as soon as I have the AL Equipped units restored.

Here is my opinion on the AA vs AL: 


Test Method: CD into home stereo (decent output) power amp. Did not send signal into the Presonus sound board. No Graphic EQ or real time analysis. Just CD>power amp>speakers. AL  Inductor coil screws were removed and replaced with stainless steel screws, same with the AAs.


AA compared to AL: (The AA units have been recapped) ...It sounds to me that the AL crossovers sound fuller. More bass presence. I would think that if I invested in recapping the ALs, they might come close to the AA units when it comes to a nice, even, clear and full output. The AAs seem to be a bit off when it comes to bass output.


Recapping the AAs was well worth the price, time and effort. The original caps measurements were not far off, but I recapped them anyway (these units are circa 1978-79)... Low 4 digit serial numbers.  


If I was not going to sell the aluminum framed pair, I would do the recap to the ALs. Side note: Both AL crossovers had a steel screw in the taller inductor coil, and a brass screw in the shorter inductor coil. 


Many thanks to all who participated in this thread. Y'all were a great help. Def appreciate not flaming me the new guy like some other boards tend to do. 

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Your AA La Scalas will need walls and/or corners to bring the bass up. They won’t sound very good in free space. The AL midrange is down an additional 3dB, which is why they sound “fuller” than your AA versions.


I think I’m the only flamer left and I’m about out of gas. Don’t be a stranger. 

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