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Good evening,


I was hoping @Chad or another moderator could help with this app called Tapatalk.  This app is how I've always communicated in the Klipsch forum, however, it's not working on my phone.  The Tapatalk support person said the forum does not have a working Tapatalk plugin running at this time, which is causing my issue as well as others who use that app.


Would you be able to either look into this, or pass this message along to who can help get the Klipsch forum back on Tapatalk by updating the plugin?  


Thank you!



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15 hours ago, Drewg said:

Thank you for your response, Chad.  Is there another app similar to Tapatalk that one can use for the forum?


The forums work pretty well in a mobile browser these days. Years ago, it did not, which is why we had Tapatalk as a stop-gap.

You should be able to just browse to community.klipsch.com on your phone, and go from there.



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Tapatalk was a nice plugin and was maybe a little easier to use but with the new forum responsive layout, Tapatalk is basically obsoleted!  Tapatalk was also always considered a third party security risk with access to a lot of secure forum data, so in the long run, the site is more secure without Tapatalk! 


Sorry to chime in, but I run a large Invision forum myself, so I know a thing or two, LOL!  (Not audio related...it is a Mack Truck support forum!)

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