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RC 64 Center Speaker dialogue volume low


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I am reaching out to the community in hopes of finding some insights regarding what I see as an issue with my RC64 center speaker. Everything is great, the sound is crystal clear, except the dialogue volume in the movies is for the most far always too low. God forbid there’s whisper dialogue in a scene. Can hardly hear it. It is very annoying and hard to enjoy watching movies. When I raise the volume on the center channel, the dialogue is much better, however as soon as there’s anything louder in the scene, then the overall volume is way too loud. So this is not really a solution to bump up the volume on the center itself. It’s like there’s no right balance. TV’s built in speaker sounds normal in terms of dialogue. Tried calibrating but that did not help. As far as I remember, dialogue was much better sounding, normal on RC 62, before I updated to RC 64. Front speakers are RF 83. I have it hooked up to Onkyo TX SR805 Receiver. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

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The 64 is going to give you a wider dynamic range than the 62 did.  Check and see if your receiver has any kind of mode such as dialogue enhancement.  Sometimes there’s a mode that raises the volume of quieter parts but limits the louder parts.

Personally I don’t use settings like that because dynamic range of modern movies is what allows effects like explosions to be more realistic sounding instead of everything sounding like it’s the same volume.

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Don't blame the speaker just yet.  A great many movies and TV shows broadcast or streaming are compressed signals that and the movie soundtracks are often poorly recorded and that is the primary reason dialogue is tough to hear depending on the programming.  It's better with a DVD or Blu-Ray but even now and then I get one that is poorly mixed and the dialogue is weak.  I have a La Scala for a center channel and an AV Pre/Pro and outboard amplifier and I run into the same issues.  


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Do Not let the AVR set yer levels.

Set the center channel volume, set it to what you normally listen at.

Then set the other channels while watching something that has sound effects,

such as explosions and movies you like.

It's the center you listen too the Most.

That's the Main Channel.

After it's set, Then set the others.

That's why you want the center to be

a Very High Quality Speaker.

The others are mainly sound effect channels.

Instead of turning the center Up,Up,Up,

Turn the other channels Down.

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